When we talk about fashion, some pieces are trendy while others are timeless. A perfect wardrobe needs a balance of both – statement and classic pieces. The statement pieces are those that make the look trendy, chic, and fashionable. On the other hand, classic pieces are versatile, understated, and will never go out of fashion. Trends come and go, but these classic pieces are evergreen, and remain faithful. They are a great investment option as they have a longer life, and you can pair them with almost everything. But while choosing the right pieces, the right fabric matters the most. 

We have curated a list of evergreen fashion fabrics that you can go for. So, dear readers, let’s begin the fabric hunt. 

5 Timeless Fabrics You Need in Your Wardrobe

Timeless fabrics will help you achieve evergreen, always-in-fashion looks. Take a look at these fabrics that you can add to your closet without second thoughts. 

Denim Fabric

How much denim is too much denim? The answer is – you can never have too much denim. They say denim is a way of living, and rightly so! First produced in the 1800s, denim has been a very important part of clothing ever since. What started as a sturdy workwear piece has now become a wardrobe staple. 

There are limitless clothing options when it comes to denim. Be it quintessential denim jeans or a dungaree dress, you can rock your denim all day, every day. They suit all body types, and you can choose the right jeans for you. Go for a pair of mom jeans for a grungy look or a pair of skinny jeans to fit you like a glove. Lately, denim-on-denim looks are a big rage, and you can spot top celebrities acing this street style. For a casual, laid-back look, you can pair a denim jacket with jeans and a white t-shirt. If you want a formal look, pair denim jeans with a blazer and shirt. Shop from the best fabric store online to get the best denim fabrics.

Linen Fabric

Nothing beats the heat like the good old linen fabric. It is easy-breezy, cooling, and feels like a breath of fresh air. Made with a more open weave than cotton, linen is a summer must-have that allows your skin to breathe. A good quality linen fabric can last you for years and is a great wardrobe investment.

Linen looks best in subtle, pastel colors and striped prints. You can go for basic linen pants and shirt combo or opt for a linen dress. You can choose linen for the lounge and comfy wear pajamas and co-ord sets. Linen can also be used for Indian wear clothing. If you are looking for Indian fabrics online, you can check out our linen collection. We have a variety of options from different prints, colors, and patterns.

Silk Fabric

This luxurious piece of fabric is the epitome of grace and elegance. Silk is one of the timeless pieces you cannot miss. Made by weaving together the strands of fibers from silkworms, silk is smooth and soft. These special threads are one of the strongest natural fibers, and it has skin-like qualities. Silk can be worn on an everyday basis and also for special occasions. Be it a silk saree or a dress, you can opt for the fabric for formal, informal, and casual wear purposes.

Go for the iconic silk sarees when you shop for Indian fabrics online. At TradeUNO,  silk fabric is available in a plethora of colors and print options. You can make it into a blouse or a suit set, depending on your preference. A silk skirt with a crisp white shirt is another evergreen attire. All in all, silk is a must-have fabric, and your wardrobe is incomplete without including this regal textile.  

Tweed Fabric

Now let’s shift a little toward autumn and winter fashion. When we talk about evergreen winter fabrics, tweed tops the chart. It is a woolen material and is a hard wearing fabric. Initially used as farming workwear, tweed has marked its presence in the fashion world. You can use this piece of textile to make a variety of clothing pieces, and it also helps you stay warm in the chilly weather. 

A black tweed dress is as classy as it gets. You can wear it for a night out or a formal party. Tweed skirts are another stylish option that is evergreen and timeless. You can pair a tweed skirt with a contrasting cardigan and boots to achieve a chic winter look. This textured fabric can also be used for making men’s coats and suits. Choose the best fabric store online to shop for tweed fabric

Cashmere Fabric

Another winter wear fabric that is evergreen and never goes out of style. A classic cashmere coat in a neutral color is what your winter wardrobe needs. This luxurious and soft fabric is made from fibrous coats of Cashmere or Pashmina goats. It is a lot more insulating than sheep wool and looks very stylish.

Cashmere is used for men’s and women’s clothing alike. You can make a jumper or a jacket or use cashmere for winter accessories. A cashmere dress paired with a long coat and scarf will give major New York vibes. When buying cashmere, opt for the best fabric store online that sources wool responsibly. 


If you are looking to invest in clothing, these ageless fabrics should be on your radar. You can check these fabrics out in various online stores, and you can also check out our fabric collection at TradeUNO fabrics. Shop for the best quality fabrics and have an ultimate shopping experience.