New World Rise of Angry Earth marks a significant comeback and redemption for the original MMO game. Released on October 3, this expansion has drawn back many players, offering a transformed gaming experience. With an overhauled campaign, additional trade skills, and new weapons, it’s an opportune moment to rejoin New World and explore the evolved gameplay.

One notable addition in the latest update is the Flail weapon, contributing to the shifted meta in New World. To assist you in navigating the new weapon landscape and making informed choices for your character, we’ve crafted a tier list indicating the effectiveness of each weapon, taking into consideration their performance in battles and various scenarios. This guide aims to help players not only excel in combat but also strategically accumulate New World Gold For Sale¬†through efficient weapon choices.

S-tier: Top Picks

The S-tier weapons stand out as the most potent choices in the current meta, each excelling in specific roles. The Rapier shines as the top melee DPS weapon, the Fire Staff dominates in ranged DPS, and the Life Staff and Sword/Shield are favored picks for healers and tanks, respectively.

Here’s the list of S-tier weapons in New World Rise of Angry Earth:

– Life Staff

– Rapier

– Fire Staff

– Sword and Shield

A-tier: Solid Alternatives

The A-tier weapons offer robust alternatives in the current meta. The Greatsword and Spear prove formidable in melee, while the Ice Gauntlet provides versatility as a ranged option with added crowd control capabilities.

Here are the weapons in the A-tier:

– Ice Gauntlet

– Greatsword

– Spear

B-tier: Well-Balanced Choices

B-tier weapons are generally well-balanced and can be powerful in skilled hands. Although they may not match the lethality of top-tier options, mastering them during leveling can make you a formidable force. The Great Axe, Bow, Blunderbuss, Void Gauntlet, Flail, and Hatchet are solid choices, each with its unique strengths.

The B-tier weapons in New World Rise of Angry Earth include:

– Great Axe

– Bow

– Blunderbuss

– Void Gauntlet

– Flail

– Hatchet

C-tier: Less Effective Choices

C-tier weapons are considered less effective in the current meta. While not entirely useless, they require more effort to wield effectively and may not keep pace with more versatile options. The Musket and Warhammer are among the least effective choices, recommended mainly in early game stages.

The C-tier weapons in New World Rise of Angry Earth are:

– Musket

– Warhammer

This tier list provides a snapshot of the current weapon effectiveness in New World Rise of Angry Earth. Keep in mind that the meta can evolve, and personal playstyle and preference also play a significant role in choosing the right weapon for your character. Explore the recently launched New World expansion to delve deeper into the enhanced gaming experience it offers.


The New World: Rise of Angry Earth expansion has reinvigorated the gaming experience, attracting a surge of returning players. The addition of new weapons and adjustments to existing ones has reshaped the game’s meta, and our tier list provides insights into the effectiveness of each weapon.

S-tier weapons stand out as top choices, excelling in melee DPS, ranged DPS, healing, and tanking. A-tier weapons offer solid alternatives, featuring robust options for both melee and ranged combat. B-tier weapons showcase a well-balanced performance, suitable for skilled players seeking versatility. C-tier weapons, while less effective in the current meta, still hold utility in early-game stages.

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