Tyres are a vital component of any motor vehicle, yet they are often overlooked until a problem arises. The critical role tyres play in grip, handling, traction and safety makes them an essential consideration for the over 300,000 vehicles registered in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This article will provide an in-depth look at the tyre industry within the city. It will examine the major retailers and fitment services available to motorists, along with costs, environmental impacts and safety factors relating to tyres in Newcastle.

Major Tyre Retailers in Newcastle

When it comes time to purchase new or replacement tyres, Newcastle drivers are spoilt for choice. The city hosts numerous national tyre chain outlets, independent retailers and mobile fitters.

National Chains

National tyre chains with a strong presence in Newcastle include:

  • Kwik Fit – The UK’s largest fast-fit tyre company, with over 20 branches across Newcastle. Kwik Fit stock major brands like Michelin, Continental, Pirelli and Dunlop. They offer free tyre storage, price match guarantees and convenient online booking.
  • National Tyres and Autocare – Another leading national chain with more than 10 locations around Newcastle. National Tyres provide mid-range brands like Falken, Fulda and Budget at competitive prices. They focus on value for money and speedy fitting services.
  • ATS Euromaster – A European tyre retail chain, with 5 Newcastle branches. ATS Euromaster supply premium tyre brands including Goodyear, Dunlop and Pirelli. Their services extend to wheel alignment, TPMS sensors, nitrogen inflation and more.
  • Halfords Autocentres – A nationwide car servicing chain, including tyres fitting. Halfords stock brands like Firestone, Avon and Michelin. Their centres offer free checks, MOTs and convenient bookings.

Independent Retailers

In addition to the large chains, Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne have a thriving network of independent retailers. These family-run businesses offer personal service, competitive pricing and expertise. Leading independent options in Newcastle include:

  • Peter Mitchell Tyres – Operating for over 50 years, this local retailer offers new and part-worn tyres, mobile fitting, wheel alignment and more.
  • NE Tyres – Fitting name brand tyres like Hankook and Maxxis. NE Tyres also cover puncture repairs, wheel balancing and alignment.
  • Grainger Tyre Services – Providing budget to premium tyres, repairs, seasonal storage and 24 hour call-out services.
  • T & S Truck Tyres – Commercial specialists supplying tyres for vans, trucks, buses and plant equipment.
  • Tyre Compare – An online tyre supplier with a fitting centre in Newcastle. They offer cheap deals on major tyre brands online.

Mobile Tyre Fitters

Finally, several mobile tyre fitting services operate in the Newcastle area. These allow customers to get new tyres fitted wherever their vehicle is located. Leading mobile tyre fitters in Newcastle include Tyres on the Drive, Tyrella and Hometyre Fitter.

Tyre Services in Newcastle

Beyond just sales, there are also numerous tyre servicing options available to Newcastle motorists:

Fitting and Wheel Balancing

Proper tyre fitting requires hi-tech equipment to mount and accurately balance the wheel and tyre assembly. This prevents vibrations and ensures safe handling.

Puncture Repairs

Punctured tyres can often be repaired rather than needing full replacement. Tyre shops use professional plugging kits and vulcanising processes to repair puncture damage.

Tyre Storage

Many retailers offer free tyre hotel storage, allowing customers to store summer or winter tyre sets until required. This saves space at home and prevents deterioration from prolonged non-use.

Tyre Recycling

Once worn, responsible tyre recycling helps keep used tyres out of landfills. Many Newcastle tyre shops participate in recycling schemes through Tyre Recovery Association members.

Cost of Tyres in Newcastle

Tyre prices in Newcastle largely reflect the national average costs:

  • Budget tyres – £25 to £50 per tyre
  • Mid-range tyres – £50 to £100 per tyre
  • Premium tyres – £100 to £250+ per tyre

On top of the tyre price, fitting and balancing fees add around £15-£20 per tyre. Disposal charges may also apply. Overall costs can vary significantly depending on vehicle type, exact tyre sizes/specs and any current promotions or deals. Shopping around between different retailers for the same tyres can potentially save 20% or more.

Environmental Considerations

There are several important environmental factors to consider around tyres, which apply to Newcastle motorists:

Fuel Efficiency

Correct tyre inflation pressure and regular wheel alignments help reduce rolling resistance. This in turn improves fuel economy and lowers exhaust emissions.


Most modern tyres contain non-biodegradable synthetic materials. Retreading worn tyres helps conserve raw materials and reduces manufacturing pollution versus producing new tyres.


End-of-life tyres are problematic to dispose of responsibly. Consumers should ensure retailers recycle rather than landfill their old tyres.

Noise Pollution

Advances in tyre technology have greatly reduced noise pollution from road vehicles over recent decades. Choosing low noise tyres helps further minimise disturbances.


Properly maintained, high quality tyres significantly improve safety for all road users. This in turn reduces accident rates and injuries.


Tyres form a vital, safety-critical component of Newcastle’s transport infrastructure. The city offers drivers extensive choice across national chains, independent retailers and mobile fitters when purchasing replacement tyres. Professional fitting services help optimise tyre performance and longevity. Environmentally, consumers must play their part in maximising tyre lifespans through proper maintenance, while ensuring their end-of-life tyres are recycled responsibly. With the right tyres and care, Newcastle’s motorists can continue to drive safely for many extra miles.