Welcoming a baby into a household is a wonderful occasion, and adorning them in gorgeous and stylish ethnic attire adds an added layer of excitement. Ethnic clothing for babies has expanded beyond conventional boundaries in the area of baby fashion, giving a wealth of trendy and appealing alternatives. There are several options that integrate ethnic sensibilities with current trends, ranging from brilliant colours and elaborate workmanship to comfy materials. This selection of Trendy Ethnic Clothing Ideas for Your Infant is intended to commemorate cultural roots while also highlighting the baby’s innate attractiveness and purity.

In this blog, we will be discussing the perfect and cutest sets that will look awesome on your infant. However, this will allow them to slay the event wherever they go. 

Join us in this cute comparison of different baby kurta pyjama sets and make your informed decision regarding the same. 

Top 5 Baby Kurta Pyjama Sets

Below we will be looking for the outstanding baby clothes sets from Mama & Peaches that you would love to buy for your champ. 

  • Tropical Fruits Angrakha Set

The Tropical Fruits Angrakha Set is a colourful and delightful combination that will add a splash of tropical brightness to your child’s wardrobe. This lovely combination includes an Angrakha-style top with colourful designs inspired from tropical fruits, providing a vibrant and fresh look. 

The Angrakha design, thanks to its crossover shape and quirky embellishments, lends a sense of traditional sophistication to the ensemble. Perfectly chosen by Mama & Peaches, a business known for its commitment to excellence and trendy designs for moms and children, this set guarantees that your kid not only appears gorgeous but also feels comfortable. 

  • Rainforest Animals Angrakha Set

The Rainforest Animals Angrakha Set is a charming and fanciful set bringing the marvels of the rainforest into your kid’s wardrobe. This lovely outfit includes an Angrakha-style top embellished with whimsical patterns of cute jungle creatures, providing an enticing and cheery appearance. The Angrakha design, noted for its straddling style and classic charm, lends an element of timeless refinement to this lively and modern ensemble.

  • Boho Sun Kurta Set – Grey

The Boho Sun Kurta Set in Grey is a fashionable and easygoing combination with a boho vibe. This set includes a comfy baby kurta pyjama in a delicate and adaptable grey tone embellished with boho-inspired motifs and swirls. The casual fit and elaborate details complement the boho style, resulting in a laid-back yet trendy look. The Boho Sun Kurta Set is ideal for casual occasions or enjoying a free-spirited look. It is both comfy and effortlessly elegant.

  • Colourful Llama Kurta Set

The Colourful Llama Kurta Set is a vivid and fanciful combination that adds a humorous twist to traditional attire. This combination includes a kurta with vibrant designs of bright llamas, resulting in a lovely and appealing appearance. 

The use of vibrant colours and beautiful llama designs provides a fresh and modern touch to the classic kurta. This ensemble, paired with complementary bottoms, is both beautiful and comfy, making it an excellent choice for festive events or everyday use with a flare.

  • Fun At Safari Kurta Set

The “Fun at Safari Kurta Set” is a creative and exciting set that will instil a sense of adventure in your child’s wardrobe. This set includes a fun kurta decorated with vibrant designs that capture the spirit of safari trips. The addition of playful and vibrant features inspired by the marvels of the animal realm enhances the classic kurta. The combination, which includes corresponding bottoms, hits the ideal blend of comfort and flair.


To summarise, looking into ethnic clothing ideas for your infant brings up an array of exciting alternatives that effortlessly integrate cultural customs with modern design. The variety of options, ranging from brilliant colours and detailed designs to comfy materials, enables parents to pamper their children in clothing that express both tradition and originality. As we appreciate the broad and ever-changing environment of infant fashion. The ethnic clothing for newborns showcases the splendour of cultural diversity and the delight of adorning our young ones in ensembles which are as distinctive and wonderful as they are.

Mama & Peaches is here with their vibrant collection of Baby kurta pyjama sets. We are sure that being a parent you will fall in love with our collection. 

If you are an ethnic lover and want your kid to be in the same attire, check our online collection and pick the best set for your kid. As, we believe in “why should adults have all the fun”