Learning the Quran and the teachings of Islam is mandatory for both Muslim men and women. Allah makes no distinction between the two genders when it comes to education. It bears far greater significance for women, as the responsibility lies on mothers to rear kids.  Educating them will help instill the love of Allah in kids.

Challenging for women to find an “all-in-one-stop’’, especially with their time-constrained lives. 

Reasons why women should take online Quran classes

         The Quran serves as the ultimate divine guidance for women.

         Women have multiple roles thus a very chaotic life.

         They have to juggle life between motherhood, career, and homemaking.

         No or very limited time for personal or spiritual development.

Quran Classes For Ladies Winning Features 

Online Quran classes for ladies are better suited for women as they offer 

  • One on one offers a personalized learning experience.
  • Customize syllabus to fit their needs and future aspirations. 
  • Find a mentor who understands their needs and goals by first connecting with them.
  • Flexible timing to avoid conflict with an already busy schedule.
  • Get education from home.
  • The time of the lesson is adjustable.
  • Empowering path to take.
  • Female teachers connect better.
  • Students learn at their own pace 
  • Fit goals from basic to advanced level.
  • Able to get a female teacher that suits them.

Ladies’ Online Course Content 

Online Quran courses, cover content for ladies from diverse backgrounds having different aspirations.

The first thing done is a “Trial class” for accessing the current level and future aspirations of ladies. After assessment, a plan is tailored in their light to meet their goals.

Mian points noted in that class

  • Student’s level and capacity. 
  • Number of classes students want to attend per week.
  • Duration of a class wanted by the student.
  • Does the student want revision classes?

Below is the content covered in Quran classes for sisters

Noorani Qaida Building foundation by learning to read the alphabet. Lean connecting them to make words and their right articulation.

Quran recitation– Recite and read with proper Tajweed rules.

Tajweed– Learning to read The Holt Quran according to rules or pronouncing and grammar.

Memorization – Customizable plan to memorize pars or the whole Quran. regular revision to maintain it.

Tafseer-Most searched course. intends to teach meanings, revelation time and reasons, and other details of surahs. It covers topics: Aqeedah, Hadith, and Fiqh

Ten qirat – Master one of the 10 authentic accents by different schools of thought accents, techniques, and pronunciation 

Islamic studies – Learn about the Islamic code of conduct, principles, and practices in all spheres of life 

Ijazh – Formal course to hifz Quran and then get validated to become a teacher. 

Fiqh- An advanced course done after Tafseer, discusses issues in detail that are not covered in any other course.

Classes are structured to get the desired results. 

Numerous measures are taken such as

  • Must complete specific credit hours.
  • Set outcomes to be achieved at the end 
  • Application of formal teaching methodologies 
  • Set curriculum is used, prepared beforehand.
  • Everything is minutely looked at before including it in a course.

Outcomes of Quran Classes for Sisters

 Female students would be able to 

  • Learn Arabic accent with native-like skills.
  • Read the Quran with proper tajweed.
  • Hifz (memorize) with the right techniques and revision to not forget. 
  • Learn Qirat to master the art of recitation.
  • Deepening the connection with Allah by understanding the Quran better, 
  • Providing a reflection space on self and life.

Standards of Online Classes for Ladies 

Online classes for sisters provide high standards to create understanding and communication among teachers and pupils. 

  • Speak clear English to communicate effectively with non-Arabs.
  • Use tech base applications in teaching with full command 
  • Ijazah certified by Sheikh of great credibility to their name.
  • Tutors qualified in teaching to non-Arabs.
  • Native Arabic language speaker so understand and explain nuances of language. 

Online resources for learning the Quran including learnquranclasses.com strive to help students especially females, to achieve their goals by providing quality education. 


Online classes for ladies are a blessing and they should reap the benefit of it. Get enrolled in an online course and start your journey. Female teachers are a big plus as they remove barriers in communication thus bridging the gap between the two. Women can learn at their own pace without facing pressure to adjust to others’ level.