Getting your teeth professionally whitened is usually a trustworthy, secure, and efficient way to makeover your smile. Professional in office teeth whitening procedures are often completed over several brief appointments, according to your specific needs. The treatment should last an hour and a half, and 15 to 30 minutes should be spent using a whitening chemical.

What are the advantages of having your teeth professionally whitened in the office?

Typically, teeth whitening entails several steps, such as:

  • Keep the bleaching chemical away from your tongue, cheeks, gums, or other delicate oral tissue.
  • After that, your teeth whitening Houston dentist will use a tool to polish your teeth and remove any remaining plaque.
  • Your dentist will select the current shade of your teeth using a tooth shade graph. You’ll talk about how your teeth might go lighter after whitening.
  • If more coats of the specific whitening product are required, your dentist will reapply the whitening chemical.
  • After the teeth-whitening process is complete, your mouth is cleansed. Fluoride treatments from your dentist can reduce any possible sensitivity.

The dangers of bleaching your teeth

Teeth whitening is a standard cosmetic dentistry procedure that might help make your smile look better. Teeth whitening does have some possible hazards and side effects, just like any medical procedure. Tooth sensitivity is one of the most frequent adverse effects, which can happen during or after treatment. Inappropriate or excessive use of teeth-whitening products can cause discolouration, gum inflammation, and damage to the enamel.

It Contains

Gum irritation

Gum irritation is one common side effect of teeth whitening, especially with at-home kits. The bleaching agents in these products may cause gum irritation and inflammation. It’s important to carefully follow the rules and refrain from using too much product to prevent gum inflammation.

Sensitivity of the teeth

Many people desire to maintain their teeth bright and white, but it’s essential to realize that teeth whitening may have unforeseen effects. Tooth sensitivity is a common side effect driving anything from mild to extreme pain. Using whitening products may cause temporary or permanent damage to the enamel, leading to increased sensitivity.

Maintenance after teeth-whitening procedures

It’s essential to carefully care for your teeth after a teeth-whitening procedure to preserve their newly brightened appearance. First, for at least 48 hours following the treatment, abstain from all foods and beverages known to induce discolouration. Dark-coloured fruits and vegetables, red wine, tea, and coffee all fall under this category. Maintaining your teeth’s brightness for extended periods can also be accomplished with touch-up procedures every few months. You can benefit from a brighter smile for several months by adhering to these post-treatment maintenance instructions. To get inspired for your smile makeover, look at our gallery of professional teeth whitening before and after.

To Sum Up

The facts and information mentioned above discuss the advantages of professional teeth whitening. Precautions should be taken both before and after treatment. Professional teeth whitening is generally safer than do-it-yourself procedures or natural cures. Desensitizing gels or low-concentration treatments could be suggested if you have sensitive teeth. To verify that teeth whitening is a good fit for you and to reduce any potential hazards, it is advisable to speak with your 24 hour emergency dentist beforehand.