Bursting with flavor, a 5-pack of mini joints, each with a naturally derived fruit terpene ball.
Immerse yourself in the burst of cannabis bliss with PACKS Hash Rosin Mini Burst Infused. Elevate your experience with this infusion of perfection, offering a delightful burst in every session.
Infuse your moment with the perfection of PACKS Hash Rosin Mini Burst. This burst of excellence brings a touch of magic to your cannabis experience, providing a burst of flavor that sets the standard.
Unleash cannabis elegance with PACKS Mini Burst Infused Hash Rosin. Crafted for flavor enthusiasts, this infusion offers a burst of delight in every session, elevating your cannabis journey to new heights.
PACKS Hash Rosin Mini Burst Infused Features:
2.5g total weight
Naturally derived fruit terpene ball
Premium flower
Infused with ice hash rosin
No trim or shake