A strong relationship between teachers and parents is crucial in ensuring the growth and development of early school children. An early childhood learning center must understand the challenges of parents and offer the right support. And it can lead to a fruitful relationship between home and the daycare.

Likewise, the parents must adhere to the policies of the daycare and help in its smooth functioning. The success of any best toddler daycare and the children studying there can be attributed to a strong and effective parent-teacher relationship.

In this blog post, we discuss the importance of such relationships and how Nurture with Care Kids Academy makes that happen here.

Let’s dive right into the matter.

Why Build Strong Parent-Teacher Partnerships: Importance

Effective parent-teacher partnerships can have a big impact on student success.  It helps the parents and the early childhood learning centers understand what the child needs and how to nurture their growth.

Here are some of the most important benefits of building strong parent-teacher relations.

1. It supports student learning and development.

When parents and teachers work together, they can create an important support network to facilitate student learning and development.

Teachers can provide parents with insight into curriculum, classroom activities, and how to support learning at home. Parents can share valuable perspectives on their child’s strengths, challenges, preferences, and goals. Such interactions lead to better learning interventions and experiences.

This two-way communication helps set students up for growth and achievement.

2. It Improves behavior and social-emotional skills.

Partnerships allow for consistent expectations and strategies between home and school.

Parents can reinforce positive school behaviors and learning mindsets of children at home. It helps students develop self-regulation, responsibility, and other social-emotional skills integral to academic and life success.

Teachers also gain a better contextual understanding of student behaviors through parent perspectives.

3. Improves family engagement and accountability.

Students take more ownership of their education and perform better when parents are actively engaged in their learning.

Parent-teacher communication facilitates family engagement with the school. It helps keep parents informed on student progress and creates transparency around grading, assessments, and instructional practice.

This empowers families to provide learning support and hold their children accountable.

4. It helps cultivate trust and collaboration.

Regular parent-teacher interaction must happen especially when things are going well. Many think that such interactions are needed only if there are problems.

Establishing a trusting relationship based on two-way dialogue leads to the fulfillment of a shared priority—student success. This lays the foundation for cooperative problem-solving when challenges do arise. Most of the best toddler daycares, like Nurture with Care Kids Academy, have such collaborations.

This also makes it easier for parents and teachers to work together on goals, interventions, and enrichment opportunities. 

How to Build Strong Parent-Teacher Partnerships

Parent-teacher collaboration is essential to support students in their educational development. Building and maintaining strong school-home relationships takes effort and consistent communication but greatly benefits children.

Here are effective ways for parents to establish positive partnerships between parents and teachers.

1. Initiate open communication.

Don’t wait for the teacher to reach out. As a parent, always actively introduce yourself and share information about your child early on. You can share their strengths, challenges, goals, and anything that provides classroom context.

2. Come with an open, understanding mindset.

You and your child’s teachers are on the same team and have the same goal—help your child thrive. Teachers have specialized skills and see classroom dynamics that you don’t. Hence, always be open and understanding.

3. Support learning at home.

This is hugely crucial for your child’s growth. You can ask how you can reinforce classroom lessons and expectations at home through activities, conversations, skills practice, etc. Also, apply teacher tips on effective study habits and learning mindsets in your household.

4. Observe classroom instructions.

Getting first hand exposure to your child’s classes can help your child’s learning at home. It provides helpful context on curriculum, teaching styles, and peer interactions. and more that shape your student’s days. So when you get enough time, observe classroom instructions. But inform your arrival in advance to the school.

5. Foster open-door transparency.

While respecting their demanding schedules, encourage teachers to keep you updated. It can be about class happenings, topics covered, projects underway, planned field trips, etc., and other school activities affecting your child. These insights enable your child’s growth.

6. Work through challenges together.

If your child is continuously struggling academically, behaviorally, or socially, work with your child’s teacher. Talk about the challenges and learning interventions to help. These candid conversations can help you explore potential solutions together.

As a parent, developing positive partnerships with your child’s school provides essential support structures. As one of the most reliable licensed daycare providers near Oak Harbor, Nurture with Care Kids Academy ensures the students’ success through collaborative efforts.

How Nurture with Care Kids Academy Builds Relationships with Parents

As one of the best early childhood learning centers, we believe in creating strong relationships with the parents of our children.

We put a lot of effort into not only building but also nurturing these relationships. This is one of the major reasons we have become one of the best preschools in Oak Harbor, WA.

Here is how we do that on a constant basis.

1. We are always proactive in the introduction.

At our daycare, we always introduce ourselves, our systems, and teachers right at the start of the school year. This helps us already know the parents, kids, and their requirements. And when any concerns arise, this enables us to help the child faster and more effectively.

2. We set the communication expectations correctly.

As one of the top licensed daycare providers near Oak Harbor, we inform parents how and how often we provide updates on their child. This includes report cards, emails, phone calls, etc. We encourage the parents to reach out to us if the changes affect their child.

3. We work with the parents to develop shared goals. 

At the outset, we interact with the parents to share their goals for their child. Our teachers share our goals for the child and ensure that they align with their parents. This collaborative goal-setting enables complementary learning support for all our children.

4. We always invite parents for classroom engagement. 

At Nurture with Care Kids Academy, we give parents opportunities to engage in classroom learning experiences. Activities like sharing expertise related to class topics, assisting with lessons, chaperoning field trips, etc., are a few of them. This is what made us one of the best preschools in Oak Harbor, WA.

5. We are open to addressing problems cooperatively.

We understand that every child has a different learning experience at school. Acknowledging this, we are always open to listening to the parents and addressing any challenge the child faces. This enables us to work with the parents to resolve any issues whatsoever.

6. We love feedback and suggestions.

We always strive to live up to our reputation in the community by being open to all types of feedback and suggestions. At our preschool, we try to create the best learning experience for your child while supporting you. And we look at your feedback and suggestions to make our services better.


At Nurture with Care Kids Academy, we understand that the development of children is the priority of every parent. And it may not happen without the collective efforts of the parents and the early childhood leading center. That’s why we often go the extra mile to create strong relationships with the parents of our children. This has helped us understand the challenges of the parents, the difficulties of the children, their family settings, etc., and offer the best toddler daycare support as needed.

We understand that not all parents are comfortable with the idea of sending their toddlers and young kids to daycare. However, at Nurture with Care Kids Academy, we address all the reservations of the parents first by understanding their challenges. This is the reason we have become the most reliable and affordable childcare near Oak Harbor.

Are you eager to learn more about us? Speak to our parent support desk and gather all the details you need.