Recently, Mr. Ren of Ningxia reflected to the Surging Quality Concept complaint platform that in March 2021, after his sister-in-law Ms. Ren saw a tweet promoting “Uvision Shield intelligent multi-frequency glasses”, With her daughter in Shizuishan City, Ningxia Pingluo County eye care family vision rehabilitation consulting service center (hereinafter referred to as Pingluo County eye care family) spent 5,316 yuan to configure this claim “can gradually reduce the degree of myopia prevention and control cheapest eyeglasses.”


More than a year later, Ms. Ren took her child to the hospital and found that the degree of the child’s right eye had risen by 125 degrees, which did not achieve the propaganda effect in the tweet. Mr. Ren believes that there is false publicity of the “Youshi Shield” brand, and Pingluo County eye care family failed to negotiate, has now Pingluo County eye care family and the manufacturer Shandong Huashi Zero eye Butler Optical Technology Co., Ltd. to Pingluo County People’s Court, the case will be heard on May 10.


On the afternoon of May 6, the surging news called the Pingluo County eye care family on this matter, and the wiring personnel said that they were only the legal representative of the Pingluo County eye care family, and they did not know the publicity tweets on the public number. On the aforementioned matter of Mr. Ren, the wiring personnel said that he was not in the store all year round, did not understand, and the follow-up will be handled by lawyers.


On the afternoon of the same day, the paper news called the main body of the public account of the Youshi Shield eye care product operation center Shandong Huashu Zero eye Butler Optical Technology Co., LTD. (formerly known as Qingdao Jianmu Vision Health Care Co., LTD.), the reporter indicated his media identity, and the wire personnel directly hung up the phone.


The child is equipped with myopia prevention and control goggles, saying that the treatment of myopia reverse increase and strabismus for one year

Mr. Ren told the Surging news that in March 2021, his sister-in-law saw a tweet on wechat promoting “Uvision Shield intelligent multi-frequency glasses”. The tweet mentioned that the “Uesshield intelligent multi-frequency mirror” uses unique parameters, divided into life mirrors and learning mirrors, guided by the theory of eye position, can block the development of myopia from the root, especially for myopic teenagers, computer workers and people with severe visual fatigue.


After consulting, Ms. Ren learned that Pingluo County eye care family is selling this type of glasses, so she took her children to the store and spent 5316 yuan for her daughter with a pair of “superior vision shield” myopia prevention and control mirrors.


The child wore the glasses for more than a year, Ms. Ren felt that the child’s vision was not as good as before, but when the eye care family in Pingluo County reviewed the vision, it was not found that the degree increased. In August 2022, Ms. Ren took her child to the hospital for review. The examination report showed that the child’s right eye rose 125 degrees, the left eye rose 25 degrees, and there was a strabismus.


After the hospital review, Mr. Ren contacted Ms. Wang, the legal representative of the eye care family. The other party said that they could replace the lenses, but did not accept the request for a full refund. Ms. Wang, the legal representative, told Mr. Ren: “We must be based on prevention and protection, and it is impossible to reduce the degree.”