There have been several literary works that have caused waves in the business and struck a deeper chord with readers. These titles serve as excellent examples of the beauty of writing since they convey the author’s viewpoint and intuition while assisting readers in engaging in introspection and immersion.

These books are truly “masterpieces,” if comprehension were a canvas and compelling writing the paints and brushes. Audiences are praising one book in particular as “peak fiction.” This narrative blends romance, suspense, and drama.

We are discussing none other than Patricia Skipper’s beloved novel, Deceptive Calm.

Let’s analyze this book and see why it is such a classic story that is cherished by readers all around the world.


The events of the book Deceptive Calm unfold against the turbulent backdrop of 1968. During that period, South Carolina imposed martial law and two of the country’s greatest leaders, Sir Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy, were slain. It was especially a difficult time to be Black. As we continue reading, we get to know Vanessa, a gorgeous girl with light complexion who lives in a Catholic orphanage for Black people. Vanessa’s unlucky journey includes surviving a back alley abortion, a Ku Klux Klan attack, and the passing of the nun who raised her.

In the midst of the turmoil, Vanessa finds herself at a crossroads in her life when she uses the birth certificate of a White baby who has passed away to claim the child’s identity. Vanessa makes the decision to move to California and enroll at UC Berkeley under a new name in an attempt to start over and put her old life behind. And before long, things start to go better in her life. Vanessa is married to a wealthy family in California and excels in her career as a newsroom reporter. Her life appears to be at last moving toward its “happily ever after.”

You can escape your past, but you can never truly hide from it, as they say.

After the birth of her first child, Vanessa starts to show signs of weakness. Her child has been diagnosed with sickle cell trait, a mostly Black population-affected illness. Despite her vicious husband’s plans for retaliation, Vanessa and her child manage to survive. When a young detective discovers some information on Vanessa’s personal life, the subsequent police inquiry appears to be rather simple.


Patricia combines a lot of her own experiences into Deceptive Calm, which is one of the reasons it connects with readers on a deeper level. She saw firsthand the magnitude of discrimination against the Black population while growing up in South Carolina. Patricia’s testimonials are manifested in the book’s racism-related issues. Since Patricia experienced the gloomy years of 1968 firsthand, she captured the mood perfectly in the novel.

With her heart and soul into the narrative, Patricia has given readers not just a book but also a model of well-written fiction. Patricia Skipper is an accomplished writer who has won multiple Addy Awards and honors for her writing on television commercials. She holds a master’s degree in broadcast journalism as well.

A story of love amidst chaos

The book’s underlying subject of love is another engrossing feature. Vanessa was romantically involved with Barry in an early period of her life. The two star-crossed lovers’ infectious encounters show us that love can endure and find a way to heal, even in the most difficult circumstances. But love isn’t always easy; it can be difficult, confusing, and painful. In this story, Barry and Vanessa encounter their fair share of obstacles. Adventure and recklessness have a hazy border, and Vanessa soon discovers she is expecting Barry’s child. Sadly, their relationship breaks out as a result of this news, which results in an abortion. After the breakup, there is still a lingering sensation of longing, and we are left wondering if the two will ever get back together.

You are unable to escape your past.

But the plot really comes to life when Patricia blends a drama/mystery thriller element with a romantic story. The major enemy of the novel appears to be Vanessa’s past throughout the entire book, which gives the story a more complex undertone. Everybody has regrets in life and wishes they could go back and start over in some capacity. We learn from the Deceptive Calm book that accepting who you really are instead of trying to hide from your past is the key to happiness.

Will Vanessa be able to come clean and tell the world who she really is? And what will happen if that’s the case?

There’s just one way to learn.

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