After years of no releases, and months of teasing new music – James Zero has returned with a soulful new synthrock anthem, “STAY BY”. Recruiting help from musician and Philippines-native, “ODDEEO”, James has released this incredible comeback song with a new, flashy music video to go with it.
“I’m stoked that its finally out,” James Zero starts. “I’ve been spending over two years working on new material all while going through a variety of things in my life. I just wanted to do something different.”
┬áZero pulls from a large variety of musical concepts and inspirations to fuel his passion for songwriting. “I heard an early version of this song years ago by ODDEEO. He’s always been something of a SoundCloud God to me for years, ever since my early days in producing electronica. I reached out to him to see if we could take a different spin on it. He’s the coolest guy in the world.”
┬áJames went on to mention his influences behind this song in particular, citing acts both recent and from year’s passed, with sounds ranging from stadium rock to bedroom synthpop. “You can hear a lot of The 1975, Tears for Fears, and even some ideas first introduced in disco. But then there’s this very production-based concept that is grounded in what I would say is bedroom synthpop, but brought forth in this huge and progressive way.”
Listen to “Stay By” by James Zero, featuring ODDEEO, here: