Colored your hair and are now in search of products that could help you maintain good colored hair textures? End your search at Voir Haircare’s  Perfecting Prism Color Protecting Pre-Shampoo Treatment. A one-stop solution for all colored hair problems. Now you would ask the reason behind using this particular product. The answer is simple this product helps in protecting colored hair treatment that shields and extends hair color against fading, chemical damage, and breakage while boosting vibrancy and colorful shine.

Why trust Voir Haircare? 

Voir Haircare, a haircare brand from Canada is a collection of premium salon-quality haircare essentials designed to elevate your daily hair routine by combining mindful ingredients, captivating artistry inspired by Canada’s ever-changing seasonal landscapes, and incredible hair days. Founded by a beauty creative in Toronto, Ontario, the brand creates a true sensory experience that specializes in hair wellness and feels like an escape to the Canadian wild.

Guess what, the brand born in Canada isn’t just limited to Canada. But is available in India too! The brand has collaborated with Cossouq an all-inclusive beauty marketplace across the country. This has become a stepping stone for a Canadian beauty and haircare brand Voir Hair Careto tap into the Indian marketplaces too. 

Why go for Perfecting Prism Color Protecting Pre-Shampoo Treatment?

Once your hair has gone through bleach, colored treatment, and whatnot, Perfecting Prism’s pre-shampoo treatment comes as a rescue to your hair. Talking about the product’s features it helps protect hair from the damaging effects of dye, bleach, and various other hot tools. It also prevents and reduces color fading. Making a win-win product for all those who love coloring your hair. 

The product also shields against environmental pollutants and UV exposure, causing lesser hairfall, and damage to the hair which eventually results in a boost in hair strength and elasticity. Apart from that, the re-shampoo treatment also helps in reducing hair breakage and split ends.

You know what’s the best part? The product is designed for daily use purposes, and is 100%vegan and cruelty-free! Making it best suitable for a marketplace like India. 

How to use it? 

Now that you know the qualities of the products, a question would arise to you- how to use the product? How to make it a part of your daily lifestyle, for better hair quality? 

As the product claims to be a pre-shampoo treatment, make sure you apply the product through damp hair from roots to tips before shampooing. 

Once applied, leave in for 15 minutes and rinse the product off. The process hasn’t ended yet,  follow with your favorite Voir haircare shampoo and conditioner for best results. Once you start using the product regularly, just wait for the magic that this product will do to your hair. 

Ingredient list: 

Due to the increasing demand for organic, cruelty-free, and toxin-free products in the Indian market, one would get involved in the product’s ingredients list to learn the product they use in daily life, and what amount of chemicals and ingredients could affect their lives directly and indirectly. 

Following is the list of ingredients used in Voir Haircare’s Perfecting Prism Color Protecting Pre-Shampoo Treatment: 

  • Water (aqua/eau)
  • Cetyl alcohol, 
  • Glycerin, 
  •  Carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed extract, 
  • guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, 
  • Picea mariana bark extract (black spruce), 
  • Polyquaternium-7,
  •  hydrolyzed keratin, 
  • panthenol, 
  • simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, 
  • tocopheryl acetate, 
  • aloe barbadensis leaf juice (aloe vera), 
  • maltodextrin, caprylyl glycol, fragrance  
  • Phenoxyethanol.

All the ingredients used to formulate the product are good for hair.

Where to buy from? 

After learning how good a product can be for your hair, in case you are wondering how to bring the product into use, or you are in search of the product online. End your search at Cossouq an all-inclusive beauty marketplace across the country, which becomes a stepping stone for a Canadian beauty and haircare brand Voir Hair Care’ to tap into the Indian marketplace. 

This collaboration leverages Voir Hair Care’s innovative and sensational products for every hair type, as it beautifully alliances with Cossouq’s vision to deliver the best products for Indian consumers pan-India. 

Probably the only Indian marketplace to collaborate with Voir Hair Care. The brand has established itself as a specialist in salon-grade hair care products. It comes in the list of luxurious brands across the globe. To reach its end customers across the country, the brand was in search of a great distribution channel so that it could spread its business across India. And can reach their target audience consistently and professionally.

The Voir Haircare brand has a combination of both thoughtful ingredients with artistic inspiration. This inspiration comes from Canada’s (the brand’s origin country) constantly shifting seasonal landscapes. Furthermore, Cossouq, the one-stop shop for beauty and wellness products across India, has now become the country’s only reseller of Voir Haircare. This is because the brand’s vision aligned with the marketplace they chose to enter a country like India.

It was Cossouq’s director of branding and marketing Meet Jatakia who said that due to increasing awareness and demand about the vegan lifestyle and cruelty-free beauty products amongst consumers across India, Voir haircare has a good chance to be a hit product amongst all their target audience, as the brand itself is a vegan and cruelty-free brand.
This not only solves nature’s problem but also turns out to be beneficial for each hair type, resulting in deep moisturizing and conditioning of hair.

 Further Jatakia mentioned that it was a smart move by Voir Haircare to collaborate with Cossouq which directly connects to the modern clientele and supplies the exact product they demand.