If you’re looking for fuel-efficient, better-power, and low-maintenance trucks, then consider Ashok Leyland. Its diesel-powered trucks from Ashok Leyland Partner and Ecomet series deliver maximum power for high performance. 

Both series offer superb benefits, including excellent payload, tyre options, a bigger clutch, and a comfortable cabin. Apart from this, their features and pricing range make them distinctive from others despite being designed by one manufacturer. 

Read the blog to know how Ashok Leyland’s series contributes to seamless cargo transportation. 

Ashok Leyland Partner

The Ashok Leyland Partner series, designed for diverse terrains, ensures efficiency and quality. Moreover, the trucks boast impressive fuel efficiency, sturdy build, and modern cabins. 

With a GVW range of 6,250 KG to 11,280 KG, these trucks promise high productivity. Featuring diesel engines, superior load capacity, and modern Euro cabins, they prioritize ergonomic design for driver comfort. 

Ashok Leyland Partner price falls in the range of Rs. 13.45 – 14.99 Lakh, making them cost-effective for their specifications. Overall, these trucks stand out in intercity and intracity transportation.

Ashok Leyland Ecomet

The Ecomet series comprises a range of Intermediate Commercial Vehicle (ICV) segments for transportation. It helps businesses earn high-profit margins.

It showcases powerful performance and design excellence, promoting business operations. With 12 models in trucks and tippers, it features BS6 technology and offers both diesel and CNG options. 

The Ecomet series is ideal for diverse applications like parcel coordination and groceries. Also, it prioritizes comfort with a hydraulic tilt cabin. Moreover, its key features include a 3839 cc engine with i-Gen 6 technology, strong suspension, and a versatile heavy-load body. 

Among top models, the Ecomet 1615 HE Truck, excels in logistics, construction, and agriculture. The Ashok Leyland Ecomet series serves various industries with reliability, performance, and cost-effectiveness as its USPs.