Navigating the transition from student to professional in the UK can be an exhilarating journey, and securing a Post Study Work Visa is a pivotal step in this process. At Admissify, we are dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of obtaining this visa, ensuring a smooth progression from your academic achievements to career success. Highlights of the Post Study Work Visa include the opportunity to seek employment in the UK for up to two years after your studies, without the requirement of a sponsor. Key Benefits of this visa extend beyond work permissions, offering international graduates the chance to experience the UK’s dynamic job market and cultural vibrancy firsthand.

To be Eligible, graduates must have completed a degree from a recognized UK university. The Application Process is streamlined for clarity and efficiency, with Documents Required including proof of graduation, identity verification, and financial stability. At Admissify, we’re here to help you compile your application and launch your global career with confidence.


In UK, after completing study the work visa is called as the ‘Graduate route visa’. It lets newly graduated people stay in UK for 2 to 3 years and look for job chances.

Here’s a quick overview of the PSW in UK:

Application Fee  INR 85.2 T  (£822)
Health surcharges  INR 1.7 L (£1035) per year 
Current Visa  Must have an active UK student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa
Education Must have completed graduation, post-grad, or a PhD from UK universities
Minimum Stay Must have spent 12 months in the UK
Salary Requirements No minimum criteria 
Duration of Stay  -For graduates and post-grads: 2 years
-For Ph.D: 3 years 
Documents -Valid passport
-Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies reference number for your Student visa
Approval Time 8 weeks

The above is a crucial understanding of the post-study work visa in UK. Now, I will explain every aspect mentioned above.

Key Benefits 

The most interesting aspect of the UK post-study work visa is that it lets you remain in the country, search for employment and do freelance work once your education is finished.

So, if you are planning to stay in the UK for longer, even then this chance is very good. You can try out some fresh skills and find work during your time here.

Moreover, the post-study work visa brings other advantages like

  • Normally, when you have a work visa, restrictions from your employer and job would prevent you from looking for other career opportunities during the term. But with this visa, there are no such limitations and it gives you the freedom to explore different jobs.
  • This will help you move towards a long-term settlement in the UK because the time spent on the graduate route also counts as the required period for settlement.
  • It helps you to utilize your skills and gain more experience in the UK by searching for suitable employment options.
  • You can increase your professional networks and connections, which may assist in securing a good job and searching for stable employment.
  • Once there is a job opportunity, you can easily apply for a work visa too.

Other than these advantages, you could go abroad and come back to the UK if your visa is still good. This flexibility may be helpful for finding work in different lands or just taking a break in your homeland.


Education in UK is not just about gaining knowledge, it’s also about making the correct career selections for a brighter future. Post-study work visa in UK can support you to move towards a better tomorrow.

However, it is important for you to meet the eligibility criteria of a post-study work visa uk in order to continue your stay in UK:

  • You should be staying in the UK while applying for the visa.
  • Your current visa should be a Student or Tier 4 (General) student visa.
  • You were supposed to study at UK universities for a minimum of 12 months or the full course duration (if it’s less than 12 months), whether this be for your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD.
  • You must have finished your course, and the education provider (like a university or college) should have informed the Home Office.
  • If the course was financed by a Government or international scholarship agency, then it’s necessary to present a letter of consent from the sponsor.

You should be awareness of all the criteria mentioned earlier for applying for post post-study work visa in UK. But still, it is advisable that you submit your application before your visa expires as you require an active student visa to do so. Therefore, please start this process at least 1-2 months prior to when your visa expires.

Application Process

The UK Visa and Immigration has created a beneficial change in the application process for students’ PSW visas. Before you apply to jobs, it is necessary that you meet the minimum eligibility requirements. After fulfilling these conditions, use their process to apply for your visa which we explain further down.

This is the procedure you must undertake to apply for post-study work visa in UK:

  • Step 1: Create a UK visa and immigration account on the official website.
  • Step 2: Fill in the application form completely, input all necessary information and make a payment.
  • Step 3: It will request you to get the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app and utilize it for scanning your biometric residence permit (BRP) data. You may also do this procedure in an offline manner by going to the visa application centre that is assigned.
  • Step 4: Visa Interview, if needed by the authority. Sometimes, they summon some candidates to show up for an interview when they see that the data is incomplete or requires further explanation.
  • Step 5: On average, the visa application process will take around 8 weeks.

The decision about your application’s approval is positive. You can stay in the UK and start looking for work there.

However, there is a limitation when you apply for a post-study work visa in UK. You cannot travel outside the country while your visa application is being processed. Once they decide on it, then only can you go outside of UK.

Documents Required 

To apply for a post-study work visa in UK, you must get certain documents prepared. These documents will assist in verifying your details and receiving the visa without any issues.

These required documents are as below:

  • Biometric residence permit (BRP): This is the card that was given to you when you applied for a student visa or a Tier 4 (general) student visa.
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS): This is a special reference number that you were given when you applied for the student visa or Tier 4 (general) student visa.
  • Passport that is Valid: Your passport, must be active and have enough remaining time for your UK visit. If your passport is going to expire in a few months, it won’t assist you in obtaining a visa. It should have at least 2 years of validity left before its expiry date arrives.

Not only these papers, but you also need to make some additional documents ready. For example, you might have to show proof of relationship if your partner and children are applying with you. Also, a letter from the scholarship provider that approves your application is necessary if they are sponsored to pay course fees and living costs.


In conclusion, the Post Study Work Visa offers a golden opportunity for international graduates to extend their stay and gain valuable work experience in the UK. By taking advantage of this visa, graduates can seamlessly transition into the workforce, enhance their employability, and explore long-term career options in a competitive and diverse environment. At Admissify, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way, from understanding the eligibility criteria to submitting a successful application. With our expertise and guidance, your journey from academia to industry in the UK will be as rewarding as it is exciting. Let Admissify help you unlock your potential and set the stage for a prosperous career in the UK.


What is PSW in UK?

UK’s PSW, which is also called the Graduate Route visa, changes everything for international graduates – it lets you remain and work in the United Kingdom for around 2-3 years after your graduation. Compared to other visas, this visa does not limit the sort of work or sector that can be explored. It gives graduates the freedom to follow their interests and make the best use of their abilities.

Can I get a post-study work visa in UK?

Yes, UK offers a post-study work visa. You are only required to fulfil the basic eligibility conditions like finishing your studies at universities/colleges in UK, having an active passport, and student visa and staying for a minimum 12 months within the country.

What happens after 2 years of PSW in UK?

You have several options after being on a post-study work visa in UK for two years. You can apply for different visas such as a skilled worker visa if you have a job or entrepreneur visa to begin a business. You may qualify for settlement if you meet specific criteria (indefinite leave to remain).

Can I work in the UK after studying?

Can I find a job after studying in UK? Yes, this is feasible! Through the Graduate Route visa, graduates from abroad who have finished a degree program in UK (minimum duration of one year) can work within the country for two to three years after their education is completed. The most wonderful thing is that you are not restricted to one type of job, meaning you can try various career directions.