QuickBooks, an essential tool for millions of small business owners and accountants worldwide, occasionally faces technical glitches that can disrupt its operation. One such troubling issue is QuickBooks Error 80070057, often encountered by users during routine operations. This article explores this specific error, detailing its causes, symptoms, and providing practical solutions to mitigate it effectively.

Understanding Error 80070057

Error 80070057 typically appears with a message indicating that the user does not have sufficient permissions to delete files in specific folders. This error is closely associated with communication issues between different network stations or incorrect parameters when opening a company file.

Causes of Error 80070057

Understanding why Error 80070057 occurs is crucial in preventing it in the future and fixing current issues efficiently.

Incorrect File Path Access

One primary cause of this error is attempting to access a company file by double-clicking it instead of opening it inside QuickBooks, leading to parameter misinterpretations.

Network Data Corruption

Network data files, which help QuickBooks connect with a company file, can become corrupted and mislead the software into triggering this error.

Improper Firewall and Antivirus Configurations

Sometimes, overly aggressive firewall settings or antivirus programs can block necessary communications within QuickBooks, causing Error 80070057.

Symptoms of the Error

How to Recognize Error 80070057

Recognizing the error promptly can save time and prevent further data damage. Symptoms include:

  • Inability to open company files directly from the installation directory.
  • Unexpected software shutdowns when trying to access specific files.
  • Error messages directly stating the error code during routine operations.

Detailed Solutions

Solution 1: Verify the Company File Path

Ensure that you open the company file directly through the QuickBooks application rather than double-clicking the file in its directory.

Solution 2: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

Utilize the QuickBooks File Doctor tool, which diagnoses and repairs common issues within network and company files.

Solution 3: Configure Bit Defender

If using Bit Defender, you may need to adjust settings to allow QuickBooks communications specifically. Setting exclusions for QuickBooks folders might be necessary.

Solution 4: Manually Resolve File Corruption

Manually check for file damage or corruption by following detailed guides provided by QuickBooks support, or re-installing the software if necessary.

Prevention Tips

Maintaining regular backups, ensuring consistent software updates, and verifying network settings can prevent not only Error 80070057 but other common issues as well.

Technical Support Options

For unresolved issues, contacting QuickBooks technical support or consulting with a professional IT technician is advised.


Error 80070057, while frustrating, is manageable with the right knowledge and tools. Following the solutions and prevention tips provided can ensure smoother operation of your 80070057 QuickBooks software.