Rabbi IT Firm, a prominent paid guest posting company, is facing a wave of discontent as customers express frustration over the poor quality of its services and lack of communication.

These fly-by-night, low-quality services prioritize profit over quality, displaying a disregard for customer satisfaction and ethical standards.

Amid mounting complaints, Rabbi IT Firm’s reputation is tarnished by allegations of prioritizing link sales over delivering effective guest posting and link building solutions.

Rabbi IT Firm and it’s other associated sub-sites such as extremebacklink.com are blaming the deindexing issues of Google Updates and not refunding customers on request

The problem is due to technical SEO issues on the PBN sites. These sites have not been setup correctly which indicates very poor SEO knowledge of the company. The Deindexing is being caused by common duplicate content issues that can fixed very easy.

Google is seeing duplicate content due to the company not setting up things like description tags in the categories. Because they are blank google is using content from the articles and thinks it belongs in the description tags of the Yoast Plugins they use.

Google is seeing the main content in the blank spaces of the category description tags that have not be filled in causing a duplicate content/canonical issue.

At first the content on the PBNs will index just fine. But then when Googles crawlers come back again and crawl the category URL site/category it will get confused and see duplicate content causing the article to deindex.

All the company has to do is put a SEO description in there category URLs then make both the category URL’s and the post URLs “canonical and there wont be any deindexing issues anymore.

The company does not understand such a simple and basic SEO concept because they don’t care about learning or educating themselves, don’t care about quality of service or providing a service correctly, they know there are problems, they dont know how to fix them but keep selling posts because all they care about is link money and not the customers and just blame the issue on Google updates.

Quality Concerns and Deindexing:

Customers who have engaged with Rabbi IT Firm’s services report a consistent pattern of disappointment. The company’s lack of commitment to quality is evident in the frequent deindexing of guest posts by Google.

Such occurrences stem from subpar blog management and technical SEO inadequacies, illustrating a disregard for the fundamental principles of effective online marketing.

Poor Communication and Customer Care:

Adding to the frustration is Rabbi IT Firm’s dismal communication and apparent apathy towards customer concerns. Many customers lament the company’s failure to address issues promptly and transparently, exacerbating the negative impact on their online presence.

This lack of communication underscores a systemic problem within the industry, where profit-driven entities prioritize short-term gains over fostering long-term relationships with customers.

Demand for Refunds and Accountability:

In light of these issues, customers are increasingly vocal in demanding refunds and accountability from Rabbi IT Firm. The company’s perceived indifference towards customer satisfaction further fuels the ire of disillusioned clients.

It is evident that Rabbi IT Firm’s primary focus is on generating revenue through link sales, rather than delivering value and ensuring client success.

Industry Implications:

The controversy surrounding Rabbi IT Firm epitomizes the risks associated with engaging with unscrupulous service providers in the online marketing industry.

The prevalence of fly-by-night operations highlights the need for greater diligence and scrutiny when selecting service partners.

Businesses must prioritize transparency, reliability, and ethical standards to safeguard their online reputation and mitigate potential risks associated with subpar services.

Conclusion: Rabbi IT Firm – Poor Service – Dont care about quality – Guest Posts

As the outcry against Rabbi IT Firm intensifies, the company finds itself at a crossroads. Its failure to prioritize quality, communicate effectively, and demonstrate accountability has eroded trust and damaged its reputation.

Moving forward, the incident serves as a cautionary tale for businesses seeking to navigate the complex landscape of online marketing.

By prioritizing quality, communication, and ethical standards, businesses can mitigate the risks associated with engaging with low-quality service providers and safeguard their online presence.