Reds Apple now comes in 100ml bottles for even more Reds Apple goodness. More Reds means more fun.

Both refreshing and satisfying. All in one bottle. Reds Apple Ejuice is readily available in free-base in varying levels of nicotine strengths. All flavors also come in an ICED variation for a chilling sensation.

Reds Apple E-Liquid” is a brand of e-liquid that offers various flavors, often centered around apple-based profiles. The “100ml” in the product name refers to the volume of e-liquid contained in the bottle, which is 100 milliliters. This size is quite common in the e-liquid market and provides users with a substantial amount of product.

It’s important to note that specific flavors and products may vary within the Reds Apple E-Liquid brand, as they may offer different apple-inspired blends or even expand into other fruit flavors.