The world has seen a paradigm shift in the way we work. The pandemic has accelerated the revolution of remote work, and many businesses are realizing the benefits of a distributed workforce. This revolution has paved the way for entrepreneurs and business investors to establish themselves in a thriving business hub like the UAE (United Arab Emirates). So, company incorporation in UAE is possible for you now without thinking about the labour force. You will be able to avoid traditional office and overhead costs.

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Why Should You Pick UAE?

The UAE is a land of endless business opportunities with the cosmopolitan environment of existent cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The government has implemented numerous initiatives to attract foreign business investors and entrepreneurs.

The country has become one of the most business-friendly countries in the world. Check the benefits of a company formation in UAE:

  • Strategic Location: The UAE is located at the junction of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Business setup in UAE will benefit you since you get vast market access for your business.
  • World-class Infrastructure: UAE is an appropriate location for setting up a business. It has:

– Airports

– Seaports

– Telecommunication networks, etc. And the modern infrastructure is the icing on the cake. These make UAE a great choice for registering your company.

  • Tax-Friendly Environment: The UAE government has introduced a low corporate tax policy and offers various tax exemptions for foreign business setups. The country has different economic zones suitable for these tax regulations called mainland, free zones and offshore regions.
  • Simple and Streamlined Business Setup Process: The process of company formation in UAE in its mainland and free zones has become easy. With the help of a trustworthy business consultancy, the process is buttery smooth for entrepreneurs.

Virtual Offices: The Game Changer for Remote Businesses

The rise of virtual offices in the UAE has become a game changer in the business aspect. The concept of remote business in the UAE is increasing day by day.  Having a virtual office in UAE provides you:

– Mail handling services.

– Access to meeting rooms.

– Access to co-working spaces.

– A registered business address.

– And you don’t need to have a physical office.

A Company formation in UAE is more accessible for the rising entrepreneurs or business investors in the market due to the presence of virtual offices. They are able to establish their footprint around the globe, incurring the high costs of traditional office space.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Office in the UAE

Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy for company incorporation in UAE with the virtual office space:

  • Cost-effective: In UAE, most virtual offices cost less than traditional office spaces. A virtual office space provides the chance for businesses to save on rent, utilities and other overhead costs.
  • Flexibility: It is said a virtual office is more flexible in terms of packages and norms. It allows businesses to scale their operations up and down as required per the business. Therefore, you can focus more on the business operations.
  • Professional Image: A virtual office is set up in a renowned location that will add prestige to your business. The location of your business enhances the professional image and credibility of your business setup in UAE.
  • Convenience: Virtual offices provide access to a range of options, including the following:
  • support services,
  • administrative assistance,
  • IT support, and
  • legal advice.

Therefore, a virtual company formation in UAE is profitable for you if you are looking for a convenient way of doing business.

How to Set Up Your Business in the UAE with a Virtual Office

Follow the below-mentioned steps to start with your remote work through the virtual office space in the UAE:

1.      Choose a Virtual Office Provider:

UAE has different virtual office providers. Your job is to check with them and compare their prices. A trustworthy business consultancy also will do the job. So contact any business consultancy and check with their virtual office packages.

2.      Select a Company Name and Company Structure:

The next step includes choosing a company name and structure for the virtual office space in the UAE. The country offers plenty of company structures including the following:

  • sole proprietorship,
  • limited liability company etc.

3.      Apply for a Business License:

A license is mandatory for remote work in the UAE. Apply for the license at the relevant government authority You might have to submit some documents for this step to be completed. For example, if you want to start a company in Dubai with a virtual office space, then you must obtain a virtual company license in Dubai.

4.      Open a Bank Account:

The last step is to open a bank account for your virtual company in the UAE. This bank account is for managing all your business finances.

The Future of Work is Remote

The remote work revolution is here to stay, and the UAE is taking all the initiatives to create the environment for virtual office solutions. For entrepreneurs, business investors, and freelancers who are looking for an opportunity, here is your sign.

Gear yourself up for the process. Remote work will help you get the job done with a low-cost business setup in UAE through the virtual office space.

However, if you are interested in company formation in UAE, then get assistance from Business Setup Worldwide for the following reasons:

  • Remotely incorporation.
  • Bank account opening.
  • Visa service.

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The remote work scenario is changing the working style. Virtual office space is an additional way to cope with this situation. The UAE is not far behind in this process. Affordable virtual office space package.