Honeymoon is next to the wedding when you must focus on preparing the romantic tour. With this, you would collect the lovely moments through the romantic places in Florida. Moreover, you can even enhance the romantic moments with your partner.

You rely on Florida to soak up the blissful romantic days out with your officiating partner. And book Emirates Airlines booking for the destination. A Florida honeymoon enables not only the blissful sights but also adventures, which is perfectly fine to your mini-moon.

Couple Friendly Attractions to Explore

Undoubtedly, there are plentiful adventures or sights to explore for the couples. It would be better yet if you follow the queue of the finest honeymoon sites below.


It is the number one ranked state you can choose for your newly-wed honeymoon. It encompasses nightlife, endless entertainment, luxurious resorts and spas including romantic arrangement, and many more to enjoy with your spouse. While it is a beachside attraction, you can find many other options than lapping on the coastline.

Key West

It sprinkles the Caribbean vibes through smells to the tourists. Moreover, it is a thrilling core of Florida that boasts a Bohemian vibe that makes others feel as if they are local. As the southernmost end of the United States, Key West is the romantic section of Florida that could enable you to commit a lovely moment with your sweetheart.

Moreover, it is the best chance to enjoy a honeymoon in the warm temperatures and piles of sun. And do not book your trip to the Key West within June and November because these months spoil your trip with the craziest storm.


It is one of the most romantic places for a honeymoon in Florida you can book. However, Orlando is well-known for the disney world. But it also enriches the couple-friendly option like a golf course, massages, and a waterfront restaurant. You can spot the Walt Disney Amusement Park for an endless entertainment option.

Lovers Key State Park

It is the ideal spot for the newlywed couple that throws a captivating view while sunsets to the sea. It offers water sports like snorkelling and skiing where you might have to bear a jet ski on rent. Another most prominent fact about this attraction, it insists the couple take beautiful snaps. Through the beach of this place you can meet the dolphins.

Now you might have been assured about how worthwhile it could be if you buy the tickets for the Florida honeymoon. Emirates Wheelchair Assistance is another deal that you can avail on your booking if you are a physically challenged person.

Where Can I Stay for a Honeymoon in Florida?

Here’s the list of resorts that you can select for your honeymoon.

  • WaterColor Inn
  • Sunset Key Cottages
  • Little Palm Island Resort & Spa
  • Henderson Park Inn
  • Four Seasons Resort
  • Sunset Key Cottages
  • South Seas Island Resort

When is the Right Time to Visit Florida?

June to September is the best time to visit Florida and enjoy its adventures. During these months you can experience warm weather. Or else, you can choose March and May to visit Florida for your honeymoon. During these months you can experience spring falls.