They were loved centuries ago, and they are loved today. Eyeglass and sunglass lovers seem to love round tortoise shell glasses that never age.


Round frames and lenses tend to evoke an aura of intellectualism or a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of the 1960s. To add to their timelessness, round glasses tend to look great in a variety of styles and framing materials – from frameless, to thin silk frames to coarser acetate.


A little bit of history about the circle.

The origins of round frames are a bit obscure. No trailblazer, fashionista or optometrist deserves praise.


Unlike other popular eyeglass frames such as cat eyes or aviators, round glasses have been around since the advent of eyeglasses. There are a pair of etchings dating back to the 13th century.


Notice something different in the picture above? In earlier incarnations, circular frames often lacked temples. They are made of heavy materials such as iron, lead and leather and often need to be fixed in place by hand.


Perhaps it goes without saying that style is a secondary factor at play. Of course, in the years that followed, the demand for glasses increased and glasses became more accessible and affordable. In the roaring 1920s, circular glasses were visible to everyone from celebrities to ordinary people.


Like all fashion trends, they swing like a pendulum. With the introduction of new shapes and materials, circular frames gave way to different styles.


However, in the hippie movement of the 1960s, they became popular again. John Lennon became synonymous with his round glasses. Even now, when people want to evoke Bohemian resonance, they opt for round frames.


From the birth of glasses to today, round glasses have always been an eternal classic.


Everyone from John Lennon to Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Harry Potter and Steve Jobs are famous for wearing either ageless round lenses or rimless round lenses.


How to swing the circle frame.

While we believe that everyone can wiggle their frame of choice, round glasses are ideal for triangles, hearts, and square faces in particular. Curved lenses work best with sharp, angular faces, so anyone with a prominent jawline will wear a round frame.


The styles of round glasses frames vary, so you’ll most likely find one that fits the look you’re after.