Scita is your all-in-one solution for themes on the Odoo Theme store. It has been designed considering multiple industries like e-commerce, fashion, IT service, finance, healthcare, and more. With the release of Odoo 17, the Scita theme has been updated to make it v17 compatible. So, if you are an Odoo v16 user, you can easily upgrade to Odoo v17 without any hassle.

Shedding some light on the same, Maulik Shah, CEO of BiztechCS, a parent company of AppJetty, said, “The intent behind updating the Scita theme is to go above and beyo nd to enhance the customer experience by creating an intuitive website. Its compatibility with the latest version ensures store owners can easily update the Scita theme without losing their custom design.”

“There is a high risk of features not working as effectively as they should because of using an outdated theme. At AppJetty, we follow a customer-centric approach, always keeping our customers our first priority and providing them with the best possible solutions. Therefore, Scita was updated to ensure a hassle-free shift from Odoo v16 to Odoo v17 for customers,” he added.

Odoo v17 focuses on multi-website support, reduced code complexity, and maintenance, product delivery location detector, progressive web app (PWA) support, etc. All these features are worth integrating, and that is why the Scita theme was upgraded soon after the Odoo v17 release.

To try out Theme Scita, you can visit the Odoo store. You can also view our other Odoo apps and themes.

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