This article will answer your question – What makes the best production printers stand out from the rest? 

If you are reading this, then we are assuming that you know the production printers. If you don’t, then here’s a small introduction to it – Production printers make the heavy jobs like printing marketing collaterals like brochures, posters, or other professional materials easier. It is a printing partner of the top companies around the world who need to complete these printing jobs on time and in a professional way. 

Still, many business organizations are confused about the features to look for before buying production printers for their organization. Read the piece below and find out the role of small production printers key features that make these powerful tools a more reliable, efficient, and crucial part of any organization.

Top 10 Features of a Production Printer

Below are the key features of the best production printers for small business that make them stand out from basic printers:

Fast Output Speeds

Top commercial production printers have lightning-fast output speeds through components like dual print engines that minimize wait times and maximize workflow. You can easily print over 90-100 pages per minute and get your professional printing done in a blink. These printers have auto-duplexing, which simultaneously prints both sides and saves more time.

High Print Capacity

Production printers can print documents in bulk. It has dual trays that can hold 1000+ sheets, which means you don’t have to reload it at regular intervals. Also, it can support longer, more significant print jobs without interruptions.

Media Flexibility

Many of the best commercial printer models in the market can adapt to various media sizes (including banners/posters), weights, coated paper, and cards. The best production printers are ideal equipment if you have a variety of jobs on a regular basis.

Finishing Options

These printers have a variety of finishing options, including staple, hole punch, crease, collate pages, and even booklet-finish. These integrated finishers help organizations save critical outsourcing and labor expenses and also give a more professional finish/polish.

Enhanced Durability

The output parts of these kinds of printers are rigorously tested using hardened steel and metal framing. This testing ensures durable performance, i.e., being able to withstand high-duty cycles in demanding commercial printing tasks with higher heat, dust, vibrations, etc.

Workflow Customization

Production printers have accessible user interfaces that allow customized assignment of specific print settings, quality modes, or paper types to carry out tasks based on the needs. Some specific advanced models utilize templates or retain previous users’ specifications to remove the guesswork.

Security Features

Commercial printers come with several security features, such as password protection, user authentication, and hard drive encryption that safeguards sensitive documents. There are specific printer models that erase the files post-printing for total confidentiality assurance.

Exceptional Image Quality

With the best commercial printer on your side, rest assured of – razor-sharp, professional images, graphics, and text. Even small production printers have the capability of delivering the most crisp & sharp print quality that will amaze you every time you print.

Cost Efficiency

It’s simple: when you print so much in one go, that too without using multiple machines, you can easily save a lot of cost. Capabilities like toner and power-saving modes during idle periods and affordable high-yield supplies are the other primary reasons behind the worth of these printers.

Easy Maintenance

When you get quick maintenance support, affordable supplies with a long shelf life, and intuitive displays, then you have already won the game. Production printers reduce headaches and costly technician servicing downtime, which leads to more productivity & less stress.

Top 3 best production printers for small business

Ricoh Pro C9500

Talking about one of the best Ricoh production printers, here’s our pick – Pro C9500. Visit (The authorized Ricoh distributor in India) and explore more about the Ricoh printers.

Brother MFC-L8900CDW

This is our second top pick for best production printers for small businesses. You can find its authorized dealers and distributors on the Brother website.

HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow M578c

HP is a renowned brand in India, and you can pick this model if you are looking for an ideal production printer for your business.


Now that you know all the features of a production printer, we would recommend you go with the Ricoh production printer. They are an already established brand across the world and known for their reliable & durable production printers for every business. Now that you have read the above article let us know what else you want to know about the production printers.