For violinists, protecting their instruments is of the utmost importance. Violins are delicate, sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and can be easily damaged if not properly cared for. This is where having a high quality violin case is essential. BAM violin case have set the standard for providing violinists with cases that keep their instruments safe while also being lightweight and durable.

BAM Violin Case Features

BAM violin cases are designed with the musician in mind. They are constructed using advanced technology and materials to provide both strength and protection. The outer shell is made of a proprietary thermoplastic composite material, which is incredibly strong yet feather light. The inner cushioning features an open-cell foam that cradles the instrument to prevent rubbing and friction. The customizable interior includes detachable accessories like hygrometers to monitor humidity levels.

BAM cases also feature high-tech closures. The latching system securely keeps the case closed while the ABS edges provide bump and crush protection. The cases are also weather resistant, preventing moisture damage. Convenient backpack straps make the cases easy to transport. BAM offers violin cases in a variety of colors, styles and sizes to fit any need.

Importance of Quality Violin Cases for Instrument Protection

For musicians, their instruments are extensions of themselves and protectors of their livelihood. A violin that gets damaged can be devastating both emotionally and financially. BAM cases provide unparalleled shielding for these precious instruments whether on stage, in transit or in storage.

The materials used in BAM cases are engineered to absorb shocks and impacts. The ThermHex composite shell has incredible strength-to-weight ratios. The padding materials cradle the instrument to prevent rattling and rubbing that can cause cracks and chips in the delicate wood. The cases protect against rapid changes in temperature and humidity that can cause wood to swell and seams to split. They also prevent exposure to direct sunlight which can fade finishes.

Importance of Maintaining Optimal Conditions for Violin Longevity

In addition to protecting against physical damage, BAM cases help musicians maintain ideal conditions for their instruments when not in use. Violins are very sensitive to their environment. The optimal temperature range is 65-70°F with 45-50% relative humidity. Exposure to dry or humid conditions can cause the wood and joints to shrink and expand, negatively impacting tone quality and playability over time.

BAM cases allow violinists to monitor conditions with hygrometer accessories. The plush interior limits temperature and humidity fluctuations when the case is closed. For long-term storage, BAM offers oblong-shaped Musissimo cases which can accommodate a small humidifier. By maintaining optimal conditions, musicians can extend the life of their instruments for decades.


For violinists passionate about their craft, protecting their instrument investment should be a top priority. BAM violin cases provide the most advanced engineering and materials to safeguard delicate violins. The lightweight yet durable exterior, customizable cushioned interior, and high-tech latches keep violins secure in transit and storage. Built-in hygrometers allow monitoring of climate conditions.

By providing the ideal microclimate, BAM cases become guardians of these priceless instruments. For unparalleled protection with sophisticated style, BAM cases have set the standard for violinists worldwide.