Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, CBN, CBG, THCH, THCa – there are so many different acronyms littering the world of cannabis and cannabinoids that it can be hard to keep them all straight, especially since most of them share many of the same letters.

One of these is THCo, more properly known as THCo-acetate, because of the acetylation of the compound. This is a version of THC, and because it bears a slightly different chemical structure, is different in how quickly it is absorbed and utilized by the body.

How Is THCo Different from THC
First off, THCo is THC – it just has an acetate group added to it. Acetate is a synthetic compound typically derived from the cellulose in wood.

Acetate has a lot of chemical uses, but in this capacity, it is added to the THC in order to create what the pharmaceutical industry calls a “prodrug” which is a biologically inactive compound that can be metabolized by the body in order to produce the desired effects of a drug.

Basically, THCo is an “inactive” form of THC that gets activated by the body once it is consumed.

The reason that THC is acetylated has to do with its chemistry and how readily it is absorbed into the body. Interestingly, it is relatively difficult for our bodies to absorb and utilize THC because it (like other cannabinoids) is lipophilic (meaning it is attracted to fats) which in turn makes it difficult for our water-based bodies to absorb it.

Adding the acetate group to THC and converting it in THCo makes it much more bioavailable, but there is a tradeoff. Before we can experience the effects, our bodies have to metabolize the compound, converting it into THC. This results in a delayed effect – typically between 15 and 30 minutes after it is consumed (assuming it is vaped).

However, because of the much higher overall bioavailability of THCo as compared to THC, and despite the delayed onset of effects, most users report (albeit anecdotally) that the effects of THCo are much more intense.

Also, another thing to note is that many users report that the effects of THCo are longer-lasting than those of THC – so be aware of that if you have never tried it before. It is also interesting to note that THC is not the only cannabinoid that can be acetylated in order to improve its bioavailability – as a matter of fact, many other cannabinoids are acetylated, converting them, for instance, into CBNo, HHCo, and THCPo, among others.

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