When talking about vehicle performance on the diverse terrains of Dubai, the land of tourists, the very first thing that comes to mind is top-notch or branded tyres because they are the most crucial components of any vehicle that ensure traction and smooth running. When buying from a reliable tyre shop in Dubai, quality wheels not only ensure comfortable driving but also reduce the risk of fatal accidents due to poor alignment and weak tyre tread.

Local or low-quality wheels may seem more economical than branded tyres, but they can adversely impact your vehicle’s lifespan and overall performance. Moreover, low-quality tyres also demand frequent repair and replacement to ensure smooth working which can put an extra burden on your valuable health.

Here are the major disadvantages of buying low-quality tyres:

Poor traction

Poor quality or local tyres usually have low tread depth and are not perfectly flattened which results in poor traction on rough surfaces, especially wet roads.  Therefore, poor traction is one of the most common side effects of using low-quality tyres that can lead to fatal road accidents.

More Fuel Consumption

Another disadvantage of running a vehicle on poor-quality wheels is the lower fuel efficiency. The reason is that they have high rolling resistance and demand more energy for smooth running on the road which results in consuming more fuel and increasing overall driving costs.

Increased Stopping Distance

Low-quality tyres also have poor braking efficiency.  They greatly increase the stopping distance when braking which is dangerous during emergencies or corner brakes and can lead to serious road accidents.

More Prone To Punctures

Low-quality tyres are usually manufactured with poor-quality material and have lower tread depth than beaded tyres. Therefore, they are more prone to punctures which results in increasing repair and maintenance costs.

Rapid Wear or Tear

Local tyres are also more susceptible to wear or tear and can reduce the vehicle life span also because they are often made up of low-quality material that can not withstand the harsh climate of Dubai.  Therefore, buying local tyres is not a worthwhile decision at all.

Poor alignment

Another side effect linked to poor-quality tyres is poor alignment.  They often have fitting issues because of low pressure and lower tread depth.  This issue can lead to serious troubles on the road and serious accidents if ignored for a long haul.

Produce Heavy Noise

Excessive road noise is also included in the list of the disadvantages of local tyres. It usually happens due to higher rolling resistance, poor traction, and alignment issues.

Bottom line

Tyres are the unsung heroes of your vehicle that not only bear the weight of your journey but also ensure a smooth and safe ride. Opting for low-quality tyres can cause these troubles which can lower the vehicle’s performance and also compromise your safety.

Therefore, investing in branded rubber companions like Zeetex tyres in Dubai is paramount to conquering the mysterious roads of the emirate with comfort or ease and enjoying a thrilling yet risk-free riding experience.