Snapmaker gladly invites you to join in the thrill of their 3D printer New Year sale as we embark on the voyage of 2024. This great event welcomes you to the fascinating World of 3D printing by providing special opportunities to purchase incredible 3D printers and printing equipment at discounted costs!

New Year 3D Printers and More

Begin the New Year with huge savings on Snapmaker 3D printers! Get up to $500 off the Snapmaker Artisan 3D printer, up to $200 off the Snapmaker A350T 3D printer, and up to $500 off the Snapmaker J1 3D printer. The unique Snapmaker 3D printer discounts open the door to the enthralling World of 3D printing.

  • Snapmaker Artisan, a modular New Year 3D printer, distinguishes itself with its most sophisticated 3-in-1 capabilities, including dual extrusion 3D printing, a powerful 10W laser, and a powerful 200W CNC. Its sturdy gear incorporates industrial-grade linear rails, quick-swap eight tools and platforms, and an all-metal construction. The Laser Class 1 feature features a laser-proof and dust-proof shell to ensure safety.
  • Snapmaker A350T, the World’s best-selling 3-in-1 new year 3D printer, is a powerful gadget that combines 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving.
  • With IDEX (Independent Dual Extruders), the Snapmaker J1 New Year 3D printer presents endless options, including print-in-parallel with copy mode & mirror mode, dual-material printing, and breakaway and dissolvable support printing. With a maximum speed of 350mm/s and a maximum acceleration of 10,000mm/s2, it is the fastest IDEX 3D printer. Its user-friendly features include hands-free XY offset calibration, tool-free bed leveling, and simply managed Z offset calibration.

3D Printer New Year Sale: Modules and Filaments

However, the celebration doesn’t end with 3D printers. Snapmaker’s 3D printer New Year sale now includes important discounts on the following modules: Rotary Module, Dual Extrusion Module, 10W Laser Module, and 40W Laser Module. Besides the offers on modules, you can take advantage of the Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer on 3D printing filaments!

  • Snapmaker’s modules expand the possibilities of your 3D printing experience. The Rotary Module permits multi-axis printing, the Dual Extrusion Module allows for elaborate multi-color graphics, and the Laser Modules provide precision engraving. The 3D Printing Enclosure maintains a controlled and stable printing environment, which improves print quality.

Snapmaker’s 3D printers, modules, and filaments are ideal for ringing in the New Year. Visit  to take advantage of the Snapmaker 3D printer New Year sale, which will fire your desire and stimulate invention.