When you’re visiting a local cafe in town with your family and friends, always check on their menu before ordering a main course meal. It should have starters (appetizers or Entrees), desserts and sides like soups & salads that best compliment a heavy/spicy meal, be it a brunch or a dinner. In fact, special preparations like chicken noodle soup, Hummus, Yogurt with cucumber salad, Harissa, Spas soup, cabbage salad or a cool Okroshka yogurt drink can best refresh your olfactory senses and appetite. FYI, soups are perfect appetizers, cleansing your palate, and preparing you for a bigger meal.


Here in Glendale CA, there’s an eatery called “Art’s Bakery & Cafe”, which specializes in a full range of delectable soups, all prepared from fresh veggies, fruits, cream, herbs and yogurt that help freshen taste buds. Special spreads made from mashed beans mixed with lemon or slowly boiled chicken with traditional spices and served in a light broth help provide that refreshing feeling on a cold winter morning or evening. This is only possible when you visit a popular cafeteria that prepares fresh soups and salads from veggies like asparagus, carrots, cabbage, beet root, bean, or for that matter crab or chicken.


Soups Help Cleanse the Palate, and Prepare for a Sumptuous and Filling Meal


If you’re residing in this Southern Californian city, always check out the best soup near me or you from a cafe that has a vast spread of menus, apart from the huge assortment of main dishes. And, it is their trademark chicken noodle soup, which is the best-selling side dish, when someone is ordering a mixed kabob platter or a Lulah family kabob platter, as the hot soup tends to rejuvenate the dormant lying taste buds. In fact, winter mornings and evenings are the perfect time to order such soup preparations, all piping hot & boiling, easily providing a lip-smacking experience.


So, when you’re ordering soups & salads, always get it from a local cafe that serves it fresh, and delivers it to your doorsteps within minutes. In this way, the freshness of the soup, herbs, veggies & meat stay intact, without any deviation from the original taste. A soup which is hot & light is perfect for your tummy and tongue, preparing you for a bigger and spicier meal, infused with the goodness of meat and flavors of the traditional spices. This is how you enjoy an authentic Indo-Western culinary delight, with a bowl of thick soup acting as a perfect appetizer.