Space, humanity and hospitality: this is quite a lens through which Hospitality Industry explore the relationship between human being’s culture and society.

Space refers to the physical area in addition to the environment we create in that surroundings, for example: it can be a park, mall, hotel, building or even a home or offices. It establishes social values, cultural engagement and in terms of hospitality it provides mainly in guest comforts, privacy and engagements to the guest.

Society refers to the network of relationship that influences how people behave with each other. Amongst all culture there is always a strong sense of hospitality which advice for reception, welcome and comfort ability to guest/strangers/travellers

Hospitality implies to the generosity towards others and being open with others. In hospitality industry it goes beyond simply providing accommodation but doing everything for the guest whether safety and security, hospitality, comfort, privacy etc. Modern society depends heavily on the hospitality industry sectors of tourism, restaurants, hotels, and event planning to foster social contacts and economic exchange. UEI Global is leading Hotel Management College in Jaipur, Chandigarh and Agra. Developing skilled manpower for Hospitality industry is a mission of these institute of repute.

When we consider all three elements, we will can have a outlook of-

Public spaces and Social Cohesion: A public space where people gather or commute Like Shopping centres, Retail stores through proper hospitality factors and services in place brings the sense of belonging. Inclusive programming, events can bring used to meet the various needs of local population.

House sharing and cross-cultural exchange: Websites like Airbnb enable users to host guests in their homes, fostering cross-cultural contacts and exchanges. Genuine interactions and personal connections are prioritized in this form of hospitality, which often deviates from the norms of the traditional hospitality industry.

Hospitality and Power Dynamics: The act of providing hospitality can either bolster or undermine pre-existing power dynamics within a society. For instance, the idea of “guest rights” in ancient civilizations acknowledged the vulnerability of strangers and travellers and provided safety, highlighting the necessity of helping one another out. But as patronage and hospitality diplomacy demonstrate, hospitality can also be used as a tool for dominance or control.

Virtual locations and Hospitality: As digital technologies have become more widely used, the idea of hospitality has been expanded to encompass online communities, social media platforms, and virtual reality environments. Digital hospitality concepts involve creating inclusive and friendly virtual spaces where people may communicate, share ideas, and collaborate.

We can learn more about the dynamics, values, and intricacy of social interaction and organization by looking at how space, society, and hospitality interact. The interactions we have with one another as individuals and as members of various groups are reflected and shaped by hospitality, which includes everything from the design of physical spaces to the custom of welcoming guests. Some of the key study modules at UEI Global, Agra, Jaipur, Chandigarh inculcate these aesthetics in their students.

In the mission of providing base competence for the hospitality sector UEI Global Education Institutes develop its students not only in the core areas of hospitality but also provide vital soft skills like communication, leadership development . The institution cultivates a multicultural atmosphere, augmenting learner’s flexibility and cultural cognizance, both of which are indispensable in the worldwide hospitality industries.