When you are traveling, sudden changes are inevitable. Be it the flight change by the airline or you change your booking. Here, we will talk about flight changes that Spirit Airlines makes. Although, the airline invests its efforts to cut down flight changes to the maximum possible extent.

If such changes have to be made, Spirit usually offers its travelers to accept the change, get a refund, or have alternative travel arrangements. However, there are certain factors that are beyond the airline’s control. In such cases, the airline might not provide any compensation.

So, know about getting a refund and other information when Spirit Airlines changes your flight through the piece of writing that follows.

When Can Spirit Airlines Change My Flight?

The Spirit Airlines flight change can occur based on various circumstances. There are various reasons for which Spirit Airlines changes your flight. When you learn about the reasons that result in your flight change by the airline, you can know how to modify your travel plans.

Now, let’s go through the conditions when the airline changes your flight –

  • Safety concerns
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Weather conditions
  • Air traffic control restrictions
  • Operational factors

Please note

Such changes are made for the safety of passengers and crew.

What are Important Flight Changes by the Airline?

The significant flight changes that the airline considers is a change –

  • In the departure or arrival airport
  • In connection or routing
  • Of over 60 minutes to the scheduled departure or arrival time of your flight

In case any of these occur, the airline will inform you on phone or through email.

What Happens If Spirit Airlines Reschedules Your Trip?

Whenever there is a flight schedule change by Spirit Airlines, have the following options to choose from –

  • Free scheduling of your flight as per your convenience
  • Free flight cancellation
  • Raise a refund request through the airline

Please note

The airline refunds you as Spirit redeem points for future bookings.

Can I Get Spirit Airlines Flight Change Compensation?

Yes, you can get compensation from the airline when it changes your flight. However, you must check if you qualify the eligibility criteria as set by the airline.

As every other situation of flight change is unique in accordance to your eligibility, different circumstances determine if you will get compensation for the flight change.

According to the Spirit Airlines flight change compensation policy, you can get compensation if your flight is changed by over 60 minutes. The compensation amount varies as per the flight change circumstances.

Please note

The policy is applicable to situations where the flight change is within Spirit Airlines’ control.

To know more call, Spirit Airlines Español teléfono – 1-855-728-3555.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, you can get a refund if Spirit Airline changes your flight. However, you have to meet the eligibility criteria of getting compensation. Check the options that the airline offers you when it reschedules your flight. Moreover, the guidelines for the same are customer-friendly.

For any issues or queries, contact the customer service team of the airline.