The round kids eyeglasses near me are more feminine, and the effect worn by different people can be soft and beautiful, or it can be playful, which will be more vivid compared to the square frame


But you also think that the circular frame is not intellectual enough, and the royal sister route is also against the peace? The long oval frame. You’re gonna love it.


In fact, as long as the lens area is smaller, the frame shape is narrower and longer, the round frame is as light and familiar as wearing, and not boring. For example, Tong Liya, after she changed the square frame to the dark oval frame like the picture on the right, the whole person looks more energetic, and will not violate the harmony


But it is worth saying that such a small frame is not suitable for square-faced girls. For them, the larger the selection of frames, the more they can set off their square jaw Angle smaller and narrower, the chin looks more pointed, and the small frame will only bring the opposite visual effect.


Therefore, when small square face girls like Ni Ni and Shu Qi choose glasses, the selection criteria are large and large, which can be modified for their face shape; On the right, Shu Qi’s glasses with no lower frame can focus the eye on the upper half of the face, and the lower jaw Angle is smaller


In addition, a heart-shaped face (melon seed face or awl face) with a pointed chin should not be reckless in choosing glasses. They don’t really fit into overly wide frames.


The principle is the same as above, the large frame will visually enlarge the upper half of the face, narrow the lower half of the face, and the pointed chin will appear more pointed, and it will be closer to the inverted triangle face that is wide on the top and narrow on the bottom (too much of a good thing, the inverted triangle face that is too sharp on the chin is not as good as you think).


Therefore, when choosing glasses, the girl with a sharp jaw must pay attention to the left and right frames of the glasses preferably not exceeding the edge of the face (and it is best to choose a thin frame to weaken the presence of the upper half of the face)


In general, frame glasses can be described as the wearer’s face decoration, its adjustability is very large, occupy the face area can also be large or small, so it can play a certain role in correcting the wearer’s three court five eyes, face long face short.


For narrow and long faces, if you want to show a short face, you must first consider the height of the frame. The higher the height of the frame, the greater the distance between the top and bottom edges of the glasses, the shorter the face will appear visually (the longer the glasses are, the smaller the contrast effect will be).


So for girls with short and wide faces, is it also true that the smaller the distance between the upper and lower edges of the glasses and the lower the height of the glasses, the more visually it can make the face look longer?


That’s true. But as far as I am concerned, it is not recommended that girls with short and wide faces choose such narrow and long frame glasses. Because the short, wide face that itself belongs to the young girl’s appearance characteristics is not natural temperament with the narrow and long glasses that focus on maturity, it is easier to wear wooden or old


Therefore, whether it is a short, wide face or a round face, it is also more suitable for a round frame. And if you want to show the length of the face, you may wish to use your brain on the role of the glasses in adjusting the three courts and five eyes.


As I said before, the president’s face is longer. For people who wear glasses, the visual length of the atrium is not actually determined by the distance between their brow and the tip of their nose. The nose beam (that is, the beam above the nose bracket in the middle of the frame) has an absolute influence on the length of the middle frame.


The higher the nose beam, the longer the atrium will appear; And the longer the atrium, the longer the face will look. Therefore, the girl with a short and wide face must pay attention to this small detail, and pay more attention to the mirror frame with a high nose beam when selecting


In order to show a short face, in addition to wearing a higher height frame, you can also do the opposite by wearing glasses with a low nose beam.


Looking at the narrow and long face Naza and the short and wide face Zhao Liying, usually choose sunglasses, may also notice this point


The biggest modification of frame glasses is the blocking effect of its frame and lens, which can greatly affect others’ visual judgment of the eye part. The thicker the frame of the glasses, the darker the color, the stronger the effect of modification and occlusion.


Therefore, many female stars like to wear heavy black glasses when they are sunning vegan photos, hiding the problems such as fine lines and puffiness around the eyes that may exist


But most people ignore this kind of frame glasses, which also have an excellent effect on eyebrows. For example, as a natural short eyebrow star, the eyebrows are not only short, the color is also particularly light, and this light and short eyebrows bring the most intuitive feeling is that it is easy to show old and have no spirit.


That’s why I can’t even go out without thrush! Unless I have a pair of thick, dark glasses to save my short eyebrows.


Because the shape of the upper border of this type of glasses is similar to that of the eyebrows, which are dark horizontal thick lines, they can visually superimpose the effect with the eyebrows, and aggravate the presence of the eyebrows. And the thicker and flatter the upper border, the darker the color, the better the effect of eyebrow modification


Female stars eyebrows are very good-looking, can only take Guan Ju Er little sister to make do


But for thick eyebrows, the impact of such black-framed glasses on the face is very strong, and even produces a certain sense of violation.


For example, in the following look, because Fan Bingbing’s eyebrows are almost the same color as the thick frame of her glasses, and her glasses are worn in a low position (the frame on the glasses is wider from the eyebrow), the presence of thick eyebrows and the frame on the glasses is particularly strong, it always looks like there are two eyebrows co-existing on the face


Therefore, when people who are born with thick eyebrows choose glasses, either choose a thin frame like Jiang Xin below, and the glasses should be worn at a high position, and it is best that the top frame can be flush with the eyebrows; Or choose the right rimless glasses like Fan Bingbing, you can minimize the sense of violation between the frame and the eyebrows


Presumably many girls have heard people say that glasses can modify the nose to a certain extent, especially many girls who usually look flat mountain roots, wearing glasses after the nose will look quite a lot, the mountain roots also seem high.


However, if you want the mountain root to be high, you also need to pay attention to one point when choosing glasses, that is, the lower the position of the nose beam, the better. For example, Lin Yun, whether it is wearing a frame or sunglasses, is very adhere to this rule (of course, her wearing method is only suitable for concave modeling)


This is because the nose shape is low and high, and after wearing glasses, the visual truncation will be formed at the middle bridge of the nose, and the higher the middle bridge of the nose, the higher the nose will look visually.


But this way of wearing glasses that lowers the middle beam of the nose to show the mountain root is really too picky for the wife!


Because in general, most Asian noses have a slightly wider nose, and when wearing glasses, this problem is often highlighted, it appears that the nose is extra wide, the nose is extra large, and it will form such a triangle at the Angle in the middle of the frame


And even wearing glasses will not make the nose ugly way, the most convenient is to widen and increase the nose beam.


As long as the middle beam of the nose is wide enough, and there is no border between the frame and the nose, the influence of the glasses on the shape of the nose is very small, and the width of the nose will not appear naturally. And can also make the frame and nose nose wing farther apart, there are thinner glasses frame, smaller lens shape, suspension position higher nose beam…


On the other hand, the higher position of the nose beam (on the nose truncation position), will also increase the visual length of the nose, then the triangle formed under the nose beam will appear narrower and longer, even if it is still a triangle, but the nose as a whole will be much better looking


Having said so much in front of you, in fact, it is only in the process of choosing glasses that you give some options that can be considered, and eventually you must go to a physical store to try them on.


However, many fairies now prefer online shopping mirror frames, not only the price is cheap, but also the choice of super many styles. But let’s not say that online shopping mirror frames in terms of professionalism and material pass or not, those online shop photos of the upper face are basically some facial three-dimensional face shape appropriate nose tall models, they wear any glasses! It will be! Very! Yes! Look! Aaargh!


And the size of his face is not the same as yours, maybe the big frame on his face will be too small to wear on your face. Therefore, the reference value of these model try-on images is basically zero (the clothes are OK, the glasses are not).


So, if you want to buy the most suitable frame glasses, it is still honest to go to a physical store to try it on. Only by wearing them with your own hands can you notice whether the design of each pair of glasses in the details can meet your needs (such as the height and suspension position of the nose beam, whether the size of the frame matches the shape of your face, etc.).


And the domestic glasses physical store, I personally recommend is wood 90, AOJO, OYEA, LOGO these several, can be called the fast fashion zara eyewear store. Their frame design is more suitable for girls under the age of 30, the material and lens quality is also reliable, the price is relatively reasonable, basically between 300-800


And if you want to pursue big names and texture, you can also go to Baodao Glasses and other veteran optical stores with many years of qualifications, or simply direct private customization


Although the private custom glasses are expensive, generally thousands or tens of thousands, but the custom designer will generally be based on your face shape and features, to design a unique glasses frame for you, in terms of beauty and adaptability can achieve the highest standards (but also depends on the customization of the technology), super suitable for perfectionists.


Of course, the selection criteria I mentioned above are actually part of the reference range of private customized glasses (customization designers will consider more latitude, will be more detailed), and if not too pursuit of perfection, just through the front of the glasses to select the focus, you can already find the most suitable for their own glasses.