Are you a budding entrepreneur of a micro or small-scale business in India? If yes, it is important on your part to have eyes on all the possible funding options before getting started with the business. Certainly for a startup organization, arranging necessary finance is a major concern to get things started in the right direction. Although, it’s exciting for you to start your own enterprise. On the other side, it could be a cumbersome deal even arranging small cash for necessary things.  

Fortunately, small personal loans offered by Tradofina is an ideal financial assistance for micro startup owners to acquire the necessary cash. In case, you need quick funds to buy equipment, purchase single-room office furniture, spend on software development, or anything that is small, then apply for short-term personal loans from theTradofina app.  

So, here in this blog, we will be discussing the key virtues of small personal loans from the Tradofina app, specifically for startups and micro-level business owners. 

Let’s get started on the same.  

What is an Instant Personal Loan? 

An instant personal loan, as the name suggests is an online small-scale financial assistance that allows you to acquire small amount of cash quickly. Safe-to-access personal loan app like Tradofina is a reliable medium to access funds quickly and at any point in time.  

Not just for personal reasons, but even for small business requirements, Tradofina’s loan is an apt fiscal offer. It allows budding entrepreneurs to get the required small yet convenient financial helping hand. Without making several rounds to the bank, indulging in time-consuming paperwork, and waiting for too long to get approval, this app offers instant access to cash up to INR 60,000.  

Most importantly, as a new business owner, you need not face the hassle of submitting any of the business assets as collateral. This implies the easy accessibility of funds, whenever you need them, getting fast approval, and free utilizing funds for business purposes.  

Pros of Arranging Small Funds from Online Personal Loans for Startups 

Wait no more to fund your startup or finance equipment or anything like that. Loan money up to INR 60,000 can be supported to an extent. Here, we’ve mentioned a few pros of applying for Tradofina’s small personal loan for a business purpose. 

  • Need not have a perfect credit score: Funding a startup, even on a small scale can no longer be an issue with the help of a small personal loan from the Tradofina app. Instant cash assistance from this app does not require you to showcase the credit ratings in the profile. Here, lenders provide approval based on the correct submission of personal details.  
  • Hassle-free lending process: It’s simple, user-friendly, and convenient for small startup owners to acquire funds from the app. As already mentioned, you need not visit a bank and meet several representatives. Merely applying online on the app by using your personal details is more than enough for you to arrange quick cash in a hassle-free manner.  
  • No collateral requirement: Furthermore, micro-business owners will not find the trouble of arranging a security deposit against the loan. It’s a collateral-free loan for you to just apply and get funds for a quick utilization process.  
  • Quick access to funds: If you’re looking for limited cash assistance, then no place is better than the Tradofina app. Arrange funds after approval in a few minutes of time only and be ready to utilize the cash anywhere you want.  

Things to Consider When Applying for a Small Business Loan from Tradofina  

Three most important things you must consider at the time of applying for a loan from the mentioned app itself. 

  • Identify the risk factor: Although, there will be no harm in arranging funds from the Tradofina app. Still, as a micro-business owner, you should be aware of the risk involved. Risk in the essence of not repaying the loan on due date, that will be carried forward along with late payment charges and additional rate of interest. Moreover, you might find your credit ratings affected due to the non-repayment of this loan. 
  • Know the approval factors: When taking out a small business purpose loan from the Tradofina app, you should be aware of the approval factors involved. In light of this, you should be aware of the information to be shared along with minimal documents required.  
  • Knowing all the terms & conditions: Another integral thing to take into consideration when applying for a small business purpose loan from Tradofina is having all the information. With that means, you should be aware of all the terms and conditions involved under the loan, and become aware of the interest charges, repayment terms, and things like that. 


In conclusion, a small loan from Tradofina is an ideal way to provide a fiscal helping hand to your startup in a hassle-free manner. It’s a convenient and user-friendly financial option not just for business but even for entrepreneurial purposes. Compared to traditional loan options, Tradofina’s instant cash loan will help you seamlessly run the startup. Therefore, it is of utmost concern to become aware of all the terms associated with this loan and know the rates, charges, and more. 

So, if you are still thinking about where to arrange even small cash for a startup, simply download the Tradofina app and get started now!