Birthdays are memorable occasions. However, they are incomplete without a cake. Thus, you should not miss out on this aspect if you plan a celebration for a loved one. You should ensure that the intended person receives it on time. Thankfully, online bakery stores come to your rescue in such situations. They let you pick from a variety of various cakes for birthdays and deliver them whenever you want.

Moreover, you need not worry about fulfilling the shipping process. The stores handle it efficiently through their shipping partners. That way, you enjoy a seamless experience. The process of sending someone a birthday cake is straightforward. It entails the following steps:

  • Select an online patisserie store and visit their website

Firstly, look for a patisserie store online. With a click, you get access to numerous such websites. Pick one and visit it.

  • Select your desired cake

Next, choose from the variety of birthday cake options. Make sure your selection matches the liking of your loved one. That way, you do not face any inconvenience when it gets delivered.

  • Fill out the details of the recipient

Now, you provide the details of whom you want to send the birthday cake to. While doing so, see to it that the information is accurate. This saves you from misplacement of the cake. Here are some examples of what you need to submit:

  • Recipient’s name
  • Recipient’s address
  • The day you want the cake to be delivered
  • A special message (if any) you wish to send with the preferred cake, like a red velvet or chocolate truffle cake


  • Complete the checkout process

To initiate your order, make the specified payment. Choose from the payment method options offered by the website.

  • Track the order status

Get updates by tracking the order status. If you face any difficulties, contact the store. Ideally, websites send your orders to the shop nearest to your location. You get details of the same through mail or text messages.

Things to remember before placing an order

  • Opt for reliable and reputable websites for efficiency. For this, you can go through customer reviews.
  • Make sure you read the description of the cake listed on the website. Some cakes for birthdays have nuts. So, check this in case the recipient has an allergy.
  • Try to converse with your loved ones regarding what type of cake they like. You can do so subtly without making it too obvious.
  • Compare the rates to get the best deal. You need not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket for a good quality cake. This is when choosing a good website becomes imperative.
  • If you feel lost, look for the bestselling options. Such cakes are usually top favourites from the store, which is a sure indication that they are delicious.
  • Lastly, consider sending a message with the cake. It will surely make the recipient feel special.