Shop windows are a very useful tool for communicating. Communicate values, emotional messages, promotions, brand personality, and if we accompany them with window graphics, it will be of great help in creating a better conversation with viewers.


A well-organized showcase alone can convey a complete idea, but storefront window graphics undoubtedly help us define concepts, messages, illusions, and sensations.


Window graphics to communicate


Storefront window graphics can be text, printed images, sketches, drawings, graffiti, neon lights, television screens, projected images, and structures in different materials… and they must be concrete and impactful. Too much information tends to confuse customers, so they must be designed with caution. The more iconic or figurative an image is, the simpler and more pleasant it is captured since the client, with minimal effort, recognizes its shapes.


Window graphics, complete design


The aesthetic enjoyment of images, shapes and colours produces interest and the so-called “pleasure of the eye.”

Storefront window graphics involves five components that we perceive simultaneously:


  1. iconic perception, very different from textual perception
  2. the recognition of forms in which the viewer experiences
  3. the freedom of the eye to travel at will on its surface
  4. aesthetic enjoyment while the mind deciphers
  5. discourse and visual rhetoric, what the image means and what gives rise to its interpretation of the graphic message


The perception of a window graphics message becomes completely clear in 1/5 of a second, fast, stimulating us and producing sensations in just 1/10 of a second (eye anchoring phenomenon).


Window graphics, visual tools


The storefront window graphics must form a whole, interacting with the other elements in an intimate way. The color, shape, and location must be carefully planned to achieve a precise and aesthetically attractive idea.

Window graphics to complete the design


The visual communication of brands to customers is part of the global marketing strategy established by the different departments that make up the company. Thus, a clear and coherent concept will be transmitted where the branding work will be strongly consolidated.


Know the importance of storefront window graphics.


Creating and decorating commercial storefront window graphics can be a daunting task. Especially for small businesses if it needs to be done properly. However, if done effectively, this space is critical to improving the image and personality of your business. Attract new customers, promote products, and even become the most essential tool to boost your sales.


Did you know that 50% of all purchasing decisions are impulsive? For this reason, the correct display of your window is an apparent necessity to influence your customers’ purchasing decisions.


Your Showcase Is Your Brand


Small business owners have to be clear that their showcase is their brand. This means that the front of your store is the first element shoppers see when they walk by. You have to make sure it reflects your personality and individuality to differentiate you from the competition around you.



The storefront window graphics are an exceptional advertising solution.


Your window graphics should be one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal of commercial tools to differentiate yourself from the competition! It is important to use any tool available as advertising, but the showcase must be your shuttle. Your showcase should collect your seasonal advertisements. And the updated design will improve the strength and memory of your business among your customers.


Don’t be afraid to be bold.


Your storefront is like a free billboard to promote sales for your business. They may or may not attract attention and attract potential customers. This is the time and place to be bold! Today’s buyer has a short attention span that pulls in different directions; therefore, using vibrant colours, suggestive images, etc., will catch their attention. Consumers make most of their decisions quickly, which is why good storefront window graphics decoration is so important. Don’t be afraid to show your most distinctive style and your most popular products in it.