Many students have a dream of studying abroad, especially in today’s connected world where there is a lot of cultural interaction. Nevertheless, finding the right course, university and location can be difficult. Moreover, even after securing a place; there is still another level of complexity added by researching financial requirements as well as living costs. At this point you need a reliable study abroad consultant in Gurugram to show you the way.

Your study abroad journey will be made smooth from being overwhelming if you use a consultant who knows what they are doing. Here we’ll discuss some top study abroad consultants in Gurgaon so that you can make your own choice and have a stress-free experience.

Top 5 Study Abroad Consultant in Gurugram

Studying overseas is an exciting but intimidating prospect. The process can seem overwhelming and it may be hard to navigate all the different steps involved with such complexity. That is why having someone knowledgeable assist you through each stage of this life-altering decision-making procedure like these professionals who know everything about international education as well as how best to ensure everything goes smoothly for applicants when applying needs consideration too; not only do they guide what needs to be done throughout but also offer tips which could save hours worths trying to figure out otherwise – here are our picks for top 5 gurugram based study-abroad agents:

Study Abroad Consultants in Gurgaon Countries Represented Services Offered
Admissify Edutech

71/4 Shivaji Marg, NajafGarh Road, New Delhi, Delhi – 110015

Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, USA Study Abroad Consultation I Guidance I Application Assistance | Interview Preparation

IDP Education Gurgaon Global Gateway Towers, Tower-B, 5th – 7th Floor, Sikanderpur Ghosi, Sector 26 Gurugram, 122002, Haryana

USA | UK | Canada| Australia | New Zealand | Ireland Study Abroad Consultation| SOP Guidance | LOR Guidance

Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd 7B/3, 4th Floor, Taimoor Nagar, Maharani Bagh, New Delhi-110065

USA | UK | Canada| Australia | New Zealand | Germany Study Abroad Consultation | Visa Guidance |Application Assistance | Interview Preparation
GeeBee Education

Shop No. 15, MGF Mega City Mall, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, A Block, DLF Phase 1, Sector 28, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

USA | UK | Canada| Australia | New Zealand | Ireland Study Abroad Consultation| Visa Guidance | Application Assistance | Interview Preparation

Unit No. 005, Ground Floor, BPTP Park Centra, Sector 30, Gurgaon – 122001.

USA | UK | Canada| Australia | New Zealand | Ireland | Dubai Study Abroad Consultation | Visa Guidance |Application Assistance | IELTS Coaching


1. Admissify Edutech

Being in Gurugram and other areas, it is one of the best global consultancy firms for overseas education. Vancouver, Hanover, London, Boston, Sydney and other major cities around the world are bases for them which operate from the UK and India as well. What makes Admissify unique is that it guarantees complete help until a student’s career after studies. They have employed agents who are certified by various countries to advise students on what they should do depending on their needs hence giving them individual support. Additionally, there exists an extensive database of former learners who may be very useful to those who wish to join colleges abroad or gain work experience abroad before returning home. Besides ensuring people get accepted into universities outside their country of origin admissify also helps with finding international housing facilities as well as offering post-study employment aid thus making sure one does not only fit well academically but also professionally while studying overseas. Admit if you want your dreams realized while studying beyond borders then Admissify Edutech is what can make this possible!

2. Jamboree

Gurugram is a city of great overseas education consultants and this city has its representative – Jamboree. Being in this industry for 17 years, it can be said that Jamboree has earned people’s trust and respect due to its high-quality services. Its services are very extensive as they include providing all-around counselling support for students who wish to study abroad. As one of the biggest names in Asia in this sector, Jamboree is best known for helping students build their profiles, select courses and universities wisely, prepare well for tests, and write persuading SOPs.

What makes Jamboree special among others is that they care about understanding what each student needs and wants so that they can give them individual attention all along the way. The staff members’ commitment levels coupled with their knowledge base have seen many scholars realize their dreams of studying overseas. For those on a quest for top-notch institutions or specialized programs, look no further than trusting Jamboree because it will be with you from start to finish thereby smoothing your study abroad undertaking which will eventually turn out successful.

3. Infocus Overseas Education

In the field of study abroad consultancy, Infocus Overseas Education Consultants shine as a top performer. Their foundation was laid in 2015 and since then they have been guiding students with unmatched skill through international educational experiences. They do not only give advice but also offer a complete range of services that are meant to make everything easy. Be it visa application support or career guidance that is bound to enlighten; In other words, they do everything necessary up until the process is finalized without leaving anything out. Additionally, being knowledgeable about money matters, they assist learners in finding appropriate education loans and dealing with foreign exchange complexities too. Besides taking care of every single thing, this company is also concerned with logistics such as making travel bookings and finding accommodation for students who may require them while studying abroad. Consequently what comes out at the end is not just an advisership but rather a partnership where Infocus Overseas Education Consultants become reliable friends whose role is to empower young people to pursue their academic dreams confidently knowing what exactly needs to be done and how it should be accomplished within given time frames as well as budgetary allocations.

4. GeeBee Education

GeeBee Education has always been a leading light for people who want to study abroad, particularly in Gurugram. They have an extensive network of students, recruitment partners and universities which enables them to provide all-rounded services that facilitate international education. Among the things that they do include; guiding applicants through the application process, helping them meet visa requirements and giving necessary test preparations as per their excellence standards. But what makes this organization different from others is its wide accessibility across India with many branches so that every ambitious student can have equal chances for success regardless of where he/she comes from. GeeBee Education is more than just a consultancy but also a friend that supports one towards global knowledge thereby empowering his/her dreams and shaping futures.

5. AECC Study Abroad Consultants

AECC Study Abroad Consultants is an organization that has been serving as a lighthouse for the students of Gurugram who wish to study abroad, ranking among the best consultants in the field. The agency provides all-rounded services to its clients through experienced advisors. Each student’s needs and requirements are taken into consideration by AECC. They help them fill out university applications and make sense of visa processes among others so that they can smoothly transition into international education without any difficulties or hitches whatsoever. This does not stop with them though; what sets this institution apart from others alike is its willingness to go the extra mile by assisting learners in getting scholarships as well as linking them up with former students who can offer support whenever necessary thus creating strong foundations even after one settles down at his/her new school abroad. In addition, AECC understands the value of being conversant in different languages and therefore offers professional training on how to pass IELTS exams which equips individuals with the necessary skills needed for language proficiency assessment tests success hence enabling them to thrive academically while overseas too where English may not be widely spoken thus becoming more than just a dream but rather a reality carefully directed through AECC Study Abroad Consultants.

What are the Kinds Of Services Rendered By Study Abroad Advisory Companies?

This is a brief analysis of what an education consultant does when supporting students in their study abroad process.

  1. Evaluation of the Profile: The consultants review the academic skills, interests, and financial situation of the students to recommend appropriate areas of study.
  2. Choosing the University/Destination: They assist in narrowing down options according to personal preferences which helps save time and make well-informed choices.
  3. Test Preparation: Consultants may offer training and advice on how best to pass standardized tests such as IELTS, TOEFL or GRE.
  4. Help with Admission Procedures: They guide through complicated application processes while giving insights into admission requirements.
  5. Document Compilation: Assistants aid in collecting necessary papers for applications so that nothing is left out and everything is accurate.
  6. Financial Aid Consultation: Advice can be given concerning scholarships, fee waivers or even student loans thus relieving financial worries.
  7. Visa Documentation Support: This includes helping one fill visa forms correctly plus preparing for interviews thereby ensuring compliance and reducing mistakes made during this stage.
  8. Post-Landing Assistance: Apart from admissions, consultants can also help find housing facilities; and provide information about managing money as well as orientation programs at universities all designed towards making it easier for individuals who have moved overseas.

What is the need for a Study Abroad Consultant?

“Advice based on knowledge is precious to ordinary citizens of our age.”

One might find it intimidating to apply for a Canada study visa (or any other country). A study abroad consultant in Gurugram can simplify things for you.

Some reasons why you should hire an expert in studying overseas are career planning & guidance, course/university selection, financial aid & scholarships, profile analysis etc.

This is the greatest decision ever made by anyone in Gurugram who has hired a study abroad consultant!

Why Admissify for Your Study Abroad Journey?

At Admissify, we believe in student’s ability to excel academically and thus are committed to helping them achieve their educational dreams abroad. We know that this can only be accomplished through proper advice and support from professionals with vast experience in international education; hence our passion towards guiding learners towards top universities.

Here’s what makes us different:

  • Comprehensive Approach: We don’t just focus on applications but also assist students in adjusting to new cultures as well as exploring various scholarship opportunities linked to their desired fields.
  • Mentorship Oriented Assistance: Throughout the entire process, our counselors who genuinely care about your success act as mentors by giving individualized suggestions while at the same time being there for you no matter what.
  • Proven Outcomes: We have an amazing success rate in getting students into top universities all over the world.
  • Transparency and Affordability: Our prices are fair and we provide great service for your money.


It is important to pick a good study abroad consultant in Gurugram if you want to achieve your dreams of studying overseas. When choosing, look at things such as experience, range of services offered, success rates achieved by previous clients as well as their feedback on what was done for them and how much it cost them. Admissify is among the best because they use genuine methods; they have connections worldwide; and they care about students’ achievements. Call us now so that we can help you get into your dream university!


How much does it cost to have a consultation for studying abroad?

The charges of study-abroad consultations vary with different consultancies. Some charge a flat fee from a few thousand rupees to several lakhs, while others go for a percentage-based fee which is usually 10%-20% of the total tuition fees of the program. These fees include application assistance, visa guidance and academic counselling that covers all aspects of students’ needs throughout their journey in foreign countries for higher education.

Which is the best counselling for studying abroad?

Admissify Edutech provides the highest quality counselling services in the field of overseas education with experienced professionals as counsellors. They help students to understand their career objectives, and make informed decisions about what course they should take up or choose to align such choices with their career goals or personal targets. With Admissify Edutech, one can be confident enough while dealing with the complexities involved in pursuing higher studies outside their own country because this organization ensures all necessary information is made available at the correct time thereby allowing individuals to plan well for success.

Are study abroad consultants good?

Even if free study abroad consultants may suggest that they have higher admission chances and faster results through their links with universities, they are still effective to some extent. One should look at a consultant’s track record, level of skill and knowledge, as well as honesty before deciding which one to choose. Some will guide you well but others may not give personalized assistance or provide accurate information. In conclusion, whether these professionals are worth it or not depends on an individual’s requirements, preferences and the quality of service offered.

Do people get stressed when studying overseas?

Certainly, there could be stress in studying abroad because such aspects as adapting to a new country/city and feeling homesick can result in this condition. For those already there or preparing themselves for too much student stress relief at university measures can help reduce anxiety levels. This might involve talking with other students or using counselling services provided by colleges; taking care of oneself more through self-care practices; and being actively involved in exploring/embracing the culture shock experience as well among others.

 What is the easiest test for studying abroad?

 The GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and ACT are some of the most commonly taken entrance exams among those who wish to study abroad. These tests are important because they decide whether an individual can enter into university overseas and also if they will receive any financial support from them or not. The level of difficulty in these exams depends on each person’s strengths and weaknesses but with hard work and determination, anyone can do well in them thus getting accepted into their dream program/college with scholarship money!