Here we are with some of the tips on how to give a modern and appealing appearance to bathroom decor. These tiles need to go on the bathroom walls and floors to add aesthetics to the space. If you are looking for a change in your bathroom decor then you will definitely find these tips helpful in order to get useful tiles for the space!


1. Choose The Level Of Veining You Like

There are a wide number of options available in bathroom tiles when it comes to a veining design. The intensity of veining makes every tile a unique piece as no tile has the same design.

Before buying these bathroom tiles, you should do a little bit of research on the intensity of veining to know more about the different options available in the market.

2. Small Bathroom Needs Small Tiles

Usually, to give a spacious look to a place, big-sized tiles are preferred as they give an illusion of a spacious decor. But when it comes to small bathrooms, using larger tiles makes the place appear even smaller.

To tackle it, there are a wide variety of small bathroom tiles designs and colors available in the market which can actually give an appealing look too small bathrooms. Looking for tiles to fit in your small bathroom can be difficult, but nowadays most brands have introduced tiles in smaller sizes that will suit your needs.

3. Follow The Rule Of 3 And Do Not Overwhelm The Space With Too Many Colours And Patterns

Pattern tiles are trendy for their contemporary way of adding colors to the decor. Just make sure you always follow the rule of three while installing pattern tiles. This rule states that there should be no more than three different colors or pattern tiles in the same space.

You can choose the number of tiles according to the room decor, but it is preferred to limit it to three. One should be the primary color and the rest two should be the sidekick of the hero. This will ensure that the pattern you are trying to build up is more visible and appealing.

4. Make Your Bath A Stand Out Feature

Adding a bathtub gives a sense of modernism to the bathroom decor. But when it comes to making it a stand-out feature, you can opt for some trendy wall tiles for the wall adjoining the tub.

This will give a stylish and mesmerizing look to the space. You can use highlighter tiles in a combination of grey and white to get a classy and elegant wall tile design.

5. Get Down And Funky With Your Floor Tiles

You have a wide range of floor tiles with which you can play. You need not be just limited to plain white tiles but can try out various floor tile options now thanks to the variety of tiles available now.

There are multiple gorgeous tiles available in the wooden tile category or marble tile, which you can easily club with any stunning wall tile to give a highlighted touch to the decor. Instead of having a dull floor space, you need to opt for some funky stuff that will make your bathroom decor appear full of aesthetics and charm.

6. Shower Enclosures With Appeal

Usually the shower area is neglected while choosing tiles for the bathroom. However, you can actually emphasize the look of the shower area by installing a completely different type of wall tile be it in terms of color, material, or texture.

You can even opt for tiles of contrasting shades which will even enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom. Also, highlighter tiles are good-to-go when it comes to clubbing different types of tiles for the shower area.

7. Look Into The Various Tiles-Cutting Techniques

If you want to give an outstanding look to your bathroom decor, you can even opt for your favorite tiles-cutting technique. This ensures that the design comes out fully and gives a fine to dramatic look to the bathroom decor.

You can even opt for anti-skid tiles as they are available in different designs, patterns, and sizes. These non-slip bathroom tiles provide a safe surface to walk on.

Also, the tiles-cutting technique works well when it comes to veining design. As the vein-cut tiles can beautifully enhance the look of the space with their eye-catching veining movement.

In a Nutshell

So as now you know the tips for styling up the bathroom area, just make sure you research everything and then go for a particular tile. All these tips are important as they will help you choose the appropriate tiles for your bathroom.