Full lace wigs: Full lace wigs are constructed with a lace cap that covers the entire head, allowing for a natural-looking hairline and versatile styling options. The hand-tied lace ensures breathability and comfort, even in hot weather. Full lace wigs are lightweight and provide a realistic appearance, making them a popular choice for those seeking a natural and comfortable wig option.

Lace closure wigs: Lace closure wigs are more affordable compared to full lace wigs. These wigs feature a small piece of lace that covers the front hairline area, typically 4×4 inches, while the rest of the cap is made with breathable weft materials. Lace closure wigs provide a natural-looking hairline and are lightweight to wear. HD lace closure wigs offer a more realistic appearance due to their finer and more transparent lace material.

Headband wigs: Headband wigs are a non-lace wig option that comes with a built-in headband. These wigs are quick and easy to wear, as you simply slide the wig on and secure it with the attached headband. Headband wigs offer pretty styles and a secure installation. They are breathable and provide a comfortable fit, making them a convenient choice for those who prefer a wig without lace.

Pre-everything wigs: Pre-everything wigs are designed to be worn without the need for glue or makeup. These wigs come pre-styled and ready to wear, offering a breathable and comfortable experience. They are constructed to fit perfectly on your head and provide a hassle-free wig-wearing experience. Pre-everything wigs are a great option if you want a quick and easy solution without the need for additional products or styling.