Two-component polyurethane elastomeric, thixotropic, liquid waterproofing membrane for sealing, filling, detailing Mapeproof AL NA and Mapethene HT/LT membranesDESCRIPTION
Mapeproof Liquid Membrane is a two-component,
thixotropic, solvent-free, hand-applied (trowel grade),
able to bond to and seal a variety of materials used in
the building industry such as: HDPE (use Primer P or
Primer P2), concrete, cement masonry, steel rebars,
specially designed for waterproofing Mapeproof AL,
Mapethene HT/LT, Mapeproof SA and Mapeproof
AL 1200 AP systems in case of: sheet discontinuities,
penetrations, corners, details.
• Foundation slab – fillet and reinforcement material at
inside/outside corners.
• Pile caps – continuity with Mapeproof AL sheet
• Vertical walls – sealing of membrane terminations,
reparations of HDPE membranes (Mapeproof AL,
Mapethene HT, Mapethene LT, Mapeproof SA and
Mapeproof AL 1200 AP).
• Diaphragm walls – sealing around: rods, anchors, tube
penetrations, and any detailing areas.

Mapeproof Liquid Membrane, thanks to the new
formulation developed at MAPEI laboratories, can
accomplish different waterproofing requirements. The
product is a high-performance waterproofing membrane
intended to form a continuous and flexible outer layer to
prevent the ingress and migration of water and moisture
in the most critical areas of the Mapeproof AL
waterproofing system.One of the best Two-Component Polyurethane Liquid Waterproofing Membrane | Mapei