Domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of their gender. Male victims of domestic violence in Cairns, Australia, often face unique challenges when seeking help and support. In this blog, we will provide a list of resources available to male victims in Cairns, including helplines, shelters, support groups, and legal assistance, to help them break free from the cycle of abuse and find the support they need.

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DV Connect

Male Victims of Domestic Violence in Cairns
Male Victims of Domestic Violence in Cairns

DV Connect is a statewide domestic violence hotline available 24/7.
Phone: 1800 811 811
Website: DV Connect

Mensline Australia

Mensline provides support for men dealing with relationship issues and domestic violence.
Phone: 1300 78 99 78
Website: Mensline Australia


1800RESPECT is a national sexual assault and domestic violence counselling service available for both men and women.
Phone: 1800 737 732
Website: 1800RESPECT

Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia offers counselling and support services for individuals and families.
Phone: (07) 3423 6900
Website: Relationships Australia

Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service (RDVS)

RDVS offers support, advocacy, and information for victims of domestic violence.
Phone: (07) 4033 6100
Website: RDVS

Legal Aid Queensland

Legal Aid Queensland provides free legal assistance, including advice and representation for domestic violence cases. Contact Legal Aid Queensland today to discuss your eligibility.
Phone: 1300 65 11 88
Website: Legal Aid Queensland

Cairns Men’s Network

This organisation offers support and resources for men dealing with various issues, including domestic violence.
Website: Cairns Men’s Network

Local Shelters and Safe Houses

Male Victims of Domestic Violence in Cairns
Male Victims of Domestic Violence Cairns

While there may be limited shelters specifically for male victims in Cairns, you can contact local shelters to inquire about their availability and options for temporary housing.

Counselling and Therapy Services

Seek out local counsellors or therapists who specialise in domestic violence and can provide one-on-one support to male victims.

Support Groups

Joining a support group for male victims of domestic violence can provide a safe space to share experiences and coping strategies. Check with local organisations or online forums for such groups.

Male victims of domestic violence in Cairns should not suffer in silence. There are resources and support mechanisms available to help them escape abusive situations, protect their rights, and heal from the trauma. It is essential to reach out to these organisations, helplines, and services to start the journey towards a safer and healthier life. Remember, you are not alone, and there are people and organisations ready to support you on your path to recovery and safety.

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