As a professional in the commercial plumbing industry, it is probably apparent to you how important a quality thermostatic mixing valve is. They control hot and cold water flow and deliver it at a metered temperature downstream, ensuring comfort and preventing scalds.

But high-quality thermostatic mixing valves also allow hot water storage tanks to be maintained at a temperature that inhibits the growth of dangerous pathogens, like Legionella.

So in effect, a quality TMV is not just about comfort, but about public safety.

This makes it necessary to put your money in quality thermostatic mixing valves and systems. Among the best of these are Symmons thermostatic mixing valves, notably the valves in the TempControl line. Here’s what they offer.

About TempControl Symmons Thermostatic Mixing Valves

There are numerous selling points of the Symmons thermostatic mixing valves in the TempControl line.

These mixing valves have been designed utilizing Symmons’ advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics software, resulting in practical designs that outlast the competition and provide exceptional water temperature metering.

Another important selling point is their low-lead content. They are made with extremely tough lead-free cast brass bodies. In addition to being lead-free, the valve bodies are physically and chemically resistant, making them long-lasting.

The internal components of these Symmons TMVs are also lead-free, and are made with bronze and stainless steel, both of which are also physically and chemically durable.

These TMVs also offer precise temperature control that are suitable for many applications. The inherent design of the valve allows for four full 360° handle rotations for precise control of output temperature. They’re also compatible with control knobs.

At the same time, these Symmons TMVs are designed to be resistant to unwanted adjustments, and are configured with tamper-resistant hex bolts, as well as with a safety lock nut that prevents unauthorized adjustments.

These Symmons thermostatic mixing valves have also acquired a number of different certifications. They are compliant with ASSE 1017, CSA Standard B.125.3, and NSF/ANSI Standards 372 and 61-G.

They offer precise control of water temperature to within 5° up to 150℉, and are tested to 125 PSI. While they are suitable for flow rates up to 140 GPM, parallel systems are available that enable them to be used in applications where the line pressure is higher.

They are also designed with integrated turbulators and stainless steel check stops. The integrated turbulator focuses flow on the thermal motor to ensure consistency as well as rapid changes in response to inlet temperature, and offers excellent temperature control, even at low flow rates.

As for the integrated stainless steel check stops, they prevent thermal bleedover, and also allow for easy water shut off.

These Symmons thermostatic mixing valves are also designed to be plumber-friendly. The 7 series cartridge as well as repair parts are interchangeable with the previous 5 and 6 series. They’re also designed with a one-piece valve cartridge with fewer repair parts that’s easier and quicker to service.

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