The Whizzinator is a tool designed to aid individuals in passing urine drug tests undetected. It consists of components like the powdered urine and a bottle and heating pads designed to mimic the process of urination Additionally, it is equipped with faux penis and leg straps. Reusable and on the market for 16 years. This product comes with a assurance of the manufacturer as well as a favourable return policy.

It’s a tool used to pass drug tests

The Whizzinator is one of the devices that simulates urine to pass drug tests by creating the sensation of urination using dried urine mixed with water and then injecting into a bag attached to the penis prosthetic. Additionally, heat packs keep synthetic urine warm to the body that makes this a perfect method to pass probation drug screening tests that require urinalysis.

Two federal probationers who were in Tarrant County were caught using digital urine test machines just days apart. Both men were caught attempting make use of the devices to pass testing for urine in their probation office. They’re in prison now because of it.

It is composed of plastic

The Whizzinator is an artificial penis that was designed to release synthetic urine in a realistic way, and look authentic. Available in five skin tones and featuring a high-tech heating system for a more realistic appearance the Whizzinator has one reservoir, which holds the synthetic or clean urine, also, there is a vial of laboratory-grade dehydrated fake Gold’n Shower urine that matches actual human urine’s pH levels and specific gravity as well as its foam composition and content, as well as two eight-hour heat pads as well as a temperature gauge and instructions.

It’s easy to use

Whizzinator, an innovative and real-life prosthetic penis that is designed for you to pass a urine drug test. It is hygienic and looks realistic it’s heat pads will stay heated all time. They are reusable and have been on the market for 16 years which means it’s safe to use; there’s even a service line for customers to help with any concerns!

Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS), which prioritizes discretion and quality in the products it makes, is the manufacturer of The Whizzinator. The Whizzinator is designed to reproduce natural urine samples that can be used during probation or professional purposes. A lot of users love its easy use and the high level of satisfaction among those who have used it. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and remember to utilize a heating pad when keeping synthetic urine warm to achieve ideal temperatures while pouring it into a testing cup.

It’s expensive

The Whizzinator kit of synthetic urine permits users to provide sample of fake urine laboratory professionals during testing for drugs. The kit includes a prosthetic reservoir that is connected to an elastic belt worn under clothes. Each kit has premixed synthetic urine, which has been tested for validity test while closely replicating natural urine’s the appearance, smell and foaming characteristics.

It is designed to hide and offers incorporates features that make it straightforward to operate. This kit comes with an elastic waistband to hide the fake penis, legs straps to ensure comfortable wear the heating pads that help maintain body temperature urine supply and the valve for shutting off and on that can be operated using one hand.

Whizzinator is a budget-friendly method of cheating on a drug test However, it requires deceit in order being detected by police. It’s also not 100% secure as leaks can occur through improper usage. When users online utilize this website online, they can get details about SYNTHETIC PEE.