Tablets for free from the government The requirements and when is the deadline for receiving the latest equipment?

Enacom said that the deadline to get tablets for free with the National Government is approaching.

The Federal Government has announced the issuance of a gift to those who are pensioners, retirees as well as holders of various social benefits: the handing out of tablets for free in the Conectando con Vos program .

The announcement was made through Enacom, the National Communications Entity (Enacom) in a press release stating the availability of these services for those who satisfy all the conditions.

This article explains how you can obtain the tablets for free as well as a discussion of the many benefits individuals who sign up for the program are able to enjoy .


Tablets from the government for free: How you can apply

According to Enacom the people who are able to use this tablet for free are retirees, pensioners, as well as beneficiaries of these Social plans

  • Universal Child Allowance.
  • Pregnancy Allowance.
  • Monotributistas.
  • Workers in dependency relationship.
  • Holders of the Progresar Scholarships.


Participants in this program are the beneficiaries of Conectar Igualdad program.

Additionally, people who are unemployed or those who are employed in the informal market or monotributistas, as well as those who are in dependency relationships may also be eligible as in compliance with those guidelines set forth by the government of having an earnings equal or lower than the minimum essential and mobile wage.

The National Communications Entity (ENACOM) is continuing to promote”Conectando con Vos,” a “Conectando con Vos” program that aims towards providing free tablets to ANSES beneficiaries in Argentina.

The program aims to increase accessibility to information and communication technology for vulnerable segments of society , thereby facilitating digital inclusion as well as providing vital devices to people who do not have digital devices .

There is no need to sign-up, since Enacom will assess the purchase and then assign the device depending on the availability. Every beneficiary will be given an iPad and be informed separately. Once the beneficiaries have received the tablet, they have to agree to sign an adhesion agreement.

Enacom didn’t come up with an online or in-person registration However, the registration devices are shared by municipal and provincial authorities, and also with businesses as well as civil society groups. Therefore, anyone looking to join the program is encouraged to contact them for more details on these websites.

How do I request a no-cost tablet via ANSES

“Connecting with You “Connecting with You” program is in partnership together with ENACOM and ANSES It is expected to last until April 2025. It has the aim of providing 140,000 tablets for specific groupings. Because of the huge demands that the initiative has encountered, it’s likely that the number can be increased by 35 percent.

The primary goal of ENACOM is eliminate the digital divide and help vulnerable sectors.

The delivery of tablets takes place via agreements by ENACOM with various organizations that include municipal and provincial authorities, civil association and community networks among others. For a person who is a beneficiary you do not need to sign up directly for access to tablets.

The assessment and allocation of tablets are carried out by ENACOM in accordance with the accessibility of tablets. In order to formalize their participation as part of the program, applicants need to sign an agreement which guarantees the correct and responsible use of their tablet.

The categories you choose to be eligible for the tablet for free

The tablets are allocated to students receiving grants and are holders of various ANES programs, including students who are eligible for benefits such as the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) as well as pensioners and retirees, in addition to other. The categories that are supported by the program are:

  • Pensioners and retirees.
  • Universal Child Allowance (AUH).
  • Pregnancy Allowance (AUE).
  • Non-Contributory Pensions (PNC).
  • Workers in dependency relationship.
  • Monotributistas.
  • Beneficiaries of the Progresar Scholarships.
  • Registered Neighborhood and Town Clubs.
  • Registered Volunteer Firefighters Associations.
  • Beneficiaries of Conectar Igualdad.
  • The people who get unemployment Insurance.

The only condition to be to be eligible for an iPad for free is that the monthly earnings do not exceed two minimums, including Living and Mobile wages (SMVyM).

How do I access my tablet using monotributista

Monotributistas can also be part of the groups that benefit from the “Conectando con Vos” program . But, not all monotributistas can be granted a tablet. Only those in the categories where income doesn’t exceed the two minimum Living, Mobile and a Living Wage or their children aged that are between the age of 16 and 18 old are eligible to receive the advantage.

Furthermore, anyone who is who are enrolled within the Social Monotributo regime , their children, and others who are in dependence can take part in the program, and receive the tablet for free.

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