Your fleet of commercial vehicles provides invaluable exposure for your brand as they travel through your community. But are you maximizing the advertising potential of your fleet? Implementing custom vehicle fleet wraps offers an exciting way to transform your fleet into eye-catching mobile billboards. Here’s how wraps can benefit your business.

Benefits of Branding Your Fleet with Wraps

From food delivery trucks to construction vans to semi trailers, wraps offer a myriad of advantages:

  • Increased Brand Awareness – Vivid, colorful graphics grab attention better than plain paint, spreading awareness of your company to more potential customers.
  • Mobile Advertising – Your vehicles and messaging essentially create rolling billboards to keep your brand top of mind across your market.
  • Illuminated Fleet – Graphics make your vehicles easy to pick out in traffic and at night for added safety and visibility.
  • Protection – Vinyl wraps form a protective barrier against dents, rust and scratches that can degrade your paint.
  • Cost Savings – Wraps provide branding and customization at a fraction of the price of a high-quality paint or airbrush job.
  • Rapid Application – Unlike paint that takes days to apply and cure, wraps can be designed, printed and installed within a week in most cases.

Popular Styles and Designs

The options are nearly endless when creating your custom fleet wraps. Some top styles include:

  • Company colors and logo – Celebrate your brand by incorporating signature colors and your logo across the fleet.
  • Vehicle specific designs – Unique graphics tailored to different vehicle types and models.
  • Themed series – Cohesive designs that promote current products, specials or campaigns.
  • Photo wraps – Turn vehicles into rolling picture galleries showcasing products, food, team members or customers.
  • Pattern work – Stripes, geometric shapes and textures add interest.
  • Typography – Useful details like phone, address, social media, menus, and promos.
  • Full wraps – Edge to edge graphics for maximum visual presence.

The Right Vinyl and Print Technology

Not all wraps are created equal. Be sure your provider uses:

  • Cast vinyl engineered specifically for vehicle exteriors. Calendered vinyl falls short on durability.
  • High resolution large format printers for flawless full color imaging.
  • Laminates to protect images from sunlight, scratches and moisture.

The highest quality materials withstand the demands of commercial use for long lasting fleet presence.

Choosing a Fleet Wrap Partner

Working with an experienced fleet graphics company ensures a smooth, efficient wrap experience:

  • Look for volume capabilities to wrap 50+ vehicles swiftly.
  • Demand precise, technical designers who understand vehicle contours.
  • Choose installers focused on commercial fleet work.
  • Ask for photography of past real-world fleet projects.
  • Inquire about options for mobile or in-house installation.

Taking time to vet providers results in wraps that enhance your brand and stand the test of time out on the streets.


For commercial enterprises seeking to amplify their marketing reach, implementing custom fleet vehicle wraps helps drive brand awareness better than nearly any other advertising method. The benefits abound – from valuable mobile impressions to paint protection to cost efficiency and fast application. By working with a proven fleet wrap partner, companies can reimagine their fleet as a hardworking business asset that also happens to turn heads wherever it travels.