February 20, 2024 – Grapevine, TX: For managing every aspect of your business, projects, employees, operations, etc. Talygen has launched automated business management software. Our development team incorporated many new features to make our web-based software a fully integrated solution to fast-track your employee and business management. 

 Our clients have experienced running tracking with screenshot tools dozens of times and have yet to be satisfied. We aim to provide a robust solution that’s easy to integrate into your systems and applications to streamline time, resources, and precise business management processes. Talygen offers a user-friendly interface that fully supports Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and MacOS. 

 Since its inception, the demand for our online time-tracking software with screenshots has touched new heights and is anticipated to grow in the coming years. Talygen’s ease of use, cutting-edge features, and robust security to prevent data breaches have no match. 

 Have a look at the features integrated into our time tracking with screenshot software: 

  • Seamless activity tracking and project monitoring
  • Unparalleled insights into your team’s performance 
  • Automation Eliminates the hassles of manual entry
  • Comprehensive view with screenshots and webcam shots 
  • Work patterns with mouse clicks and keystroke tracking 
  • Enhanced Productivity, Accountability, and Transparency
  • GPS-enabled location tracking of remote workers 
  • Accurate reporting and efficient resource allocation
  • Powerful analytics and reporting identify bottlenecks
  • Minimum Setup & flat-rate pricing model
  • Secure with advanced encryption and security measures

We simplify managing the working hours of remote staff by providing the time tracking tool with transparent insights. Where the remote or office employees allocate their work hours is as clear as crystal with Talygen’s remote employee management software. Further, it ensures everyone contributes to their responsibilities and projects as planned.

Half of managing remote employees’ problems is solved with efficient resource allocation. This is one of the best features that Talygen offers. We let companies utilize data tracked by our time tracking software with captured screenshots to evaluate each resource’s time for different tasks, projects, surfing applications, etc. The information collected eases the allocation of resources more efficiently. All the remote team members are assigned tasks in the most streamlined way that optimizes productivity and project timelines. 

Tracking project progress with time tracker tools? Sounds interesting!

Yes, Talygen allows organizations to plan for effective project management and keep the projects and remote resources on track. Our web application allows organizations to assign work effectively and track progress. This integration enables managers to monitor project development in real time, identify potential bottlenecks, and more.

The valuable data makes it easy to analyze remote teams’ productivity and work patterns. By leveraging Talygen, companies can identify trends, assess productivity levels, and make informed decisions to enhance efficiency and performance.

 Talygen is among the best time tracking with screenshots software offering platforms. Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, and to provide them with their desired remote work tracking software tailored according to their needs, we commit to leaving no stone unturned. 

We attentively listen to the needs of our targeted market and dedicatedly add innovation to our software for unparalleled time tracking. 

About Talygen 

At Talygen, you will find a budget-friendly time tracker with a screenshot solution to simplify the management and monitoring of remote teams. We are a leading provider of a complete cloud-based business management solution that aims to drive productivity. Our skilled developers work tirelessly to deliver top-notch software solutions, making it easier for small to large businesses to get their resources and operations on track with a click. 

Recognizing the paramount importance of remote employee management, we have designed an automated time tracker that works despite time zone differences. Additionally, we employ robust encryption measures for all screenshots and time log data, guaranteeing confidentiality at rest and in transit. Your peace of mind is our priority—access to this information is restricted to you and your approved team members. 

Learn more about our software features at https://talygen.com/time-tracking-with-screenshots.