Grapevine, TX (Mar 21, 2024): Fast-tracked by the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work produced one of the most fundamental changes in business operations. Nevertheless, it provides many advantages, such as better flexibility and working with people from different countries.

However, dealing with the challenges associated with remote team management requires much work. Assessing workers’ performance is again one of the biggest obstacles, especially when you need to utilize the benefits provided by remote team monitoring tools.

In the past, performance was usually measured by the hours spent at work. Longer hours at work to be considered more efficient and productive. However, it is no longer a reality. Talygen’s time tracker with screenshots shows that working long hours in the office only sometimes means productive employees. For clarity, let’s discuss the problem and the solution in detail.

The Limitations of the “Hours Worked” Metric

For many years, the metric of tracking individual workers’ hours has been a standard for businesses as the primary indicator of performance. The logic seems straightforward: the more hours employees invest in a given day, the higher the stacks of work get. The one-dimensional nature of the approach mentioned above also needs to account for the complexities of contemporary work.

  • A 2023 Harvard Business Review study found that organizations that strictly set work hours have lower productivity by as much as 13%. According to this research, employees constantly hover between being seen as idle and focusing on work, thus avoiding total concentration.

Apart from this, the “hours worked” indicator does not consider unique working practices or efficiencies. Certain workers are often early birds that come up with many projects in the mornings, while others shine during afternoons or nights. 

Likewise, several tasks are undeniably more time-consuming than other works. Tracking hours worked fails to capture these nuances, potentially penalizing efficient workers or overlooking struggles faced by fast but less consistent performers.  

The Need for a Data-Driven Approach to Performance Management

Now more than ever, a more sophisticated approach to performance management is essential. Businesses need to move beyond simply tracking hours and more profoundly into understanding the output employees generate. This shift requires remote team monitoring tools that provide data-driven insights into employee activity and accomplishments.

Talygen: Measuring Employee Output for Improved Performance

Talygen’s remote employee monitoring software provides a complete solution for managing and measuring work-from-homeers’ performance in this remote work era. One of its essential features is the ability to track time with screenshots. undefined

  • Time spent on specific tasks and projects: By monitoring all the time employees spend on diverse activities, managers can easily distinguish where there are blockages, areas that require improvement, and those that need to be optimized.
  • Progress made on projects: Time tracking with screenshots reveals how employees progress through various projects. This information helps managers identify any roadblocks or areas for additional support.
  • Actual work completed:  Screenshots visually verify employee activity, offering a more complete picture of work accomplished beyond logged hours.

Talygen goes beyond simple time tracking by offering robust reporting capabilities. Managers can generate reports summarizing employee activity, identifying trends, and comparing performance against set goals. This data empowers them to:

  • Provide targeted feedback and coaching: Employers seek more profound insight into how their workers spend their time. Managers will be better positioned to offer more accurate and direct feedback, which the employees can use to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Streamline workflows and processes: By locating where employees spend excessive time or face difficulties, businesses will pinpoint inefficiencies in the workflows and processes, subsequently streamline and optimize them, leading to overall efficiency.
  • Facilitate data-driven rewards and recognition: Rather than relying on subjective evaluations, factual output data can form consistent and objective reward and recognition programs to motivate top-performing workers.

Transparency and Building Trust

Understandably, some employees might have concerns about time tracking with screenshot functionality. Talygen prioritizes transparency and building trust. Businesses using Talygen should communicate the purpose and benefits of time tracking to their employees. 

Additionally, Talygen offers features that give employees control over their data and privacy settings. The focus should always be on using time-tracking data constructively for feedback, improvement, and, ultimately, employee growth and success.

Optimizing Performance in the Remote Work Era

Monitoring employee output is no longer a luxury; it is required for effective performance management in remote work. This helps overcome the shortcomings of the “hours worked” metric and allows utilizing data-driven tools, like Talygen, to reveal employees’ different work styles and attitudes. This will enable them to offer personalized assistance, improve workflows, and establish a more focused remote workforce.

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