The Tata manufacturer of advanced and highly quality CVs comprises a wide range of models. Its Winger and Intra series offer models in diesel and BI-fuel variants for optimal performance. Also, they ensure maximum power output ranging from 44 HP to 102 HP for quick speed. 

Tata ensures Winger and Intra series align with BS6 emission norms to promote sustainability. To learn more about the best-picked models from the Tata Winger and Intra series, keep reading. 

Top 2 Commercial Vehicles in India

1. Tata Winger Ambulance

The Tata Winger Ambulance has a built-in 2.2-litre Dicor engine for superior performance. It produces 98 HP output for good speed and faster operations. The gross weight in GVW is 3033 kg, providing 1680 kg of payload ensures secure transportation. Moreover, the wheelbase of 3200 mm offers stability on flyovers and terrains. The price for this adaptable ambulance from Tata Winger starts from Rs. 18.21 and goes up to Rs. 18.96 Lakh.

2. Tata Intra V20 Gold 

The V20 Gold pickup from the Intra series is a newly introduced model that easily operates from different fuel variants. Its overall weight in GVW is 2550 kg, providing adequate payload for heavy loads. Additionally, its big fuel tank is much more reliable for intra-city cargo transportation. The V20 Gold pickup from the Tata Intra series is available at a fair price. 

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