Are you looking for Tesla Model Y Accessories? Below, you will discover the most popular accessories for the Model 3.

Tesla is known in the market mainly for the high technology in its cars. Many people want to improve the look of their new Model Y with various accessories. We are mainly referring to accessories such as center console organizers, glove box organizers, screen protectors, and Tesla floor mats.

Tesla floor mats

With Tesla floor mats, you will make your Model Y’s interior look nice. Thousands of Tesla Model owners have caught our attention, and Tesla has given much importance to the floor mats for the Model 3. The original mats are thin and move. This is the main reason Tesla owners give when asked why they buy new car mats. Tesla floor mats are a perfect accessory for winter.

Tesla Model front trunk mat

In addition to car mats and trunk mats for the Tesla, Tesla Model Y Accessories have mats for the front trunk. This front trunk mat makes us incredibly unique.

Other popular accessories

A new set of car mats is one of the most purchased accessories by drivers of Tesla models. But what other popular accessories can we find for the Model Y? You will find them all on the following list.

Screen protector 

A screen protector is essential to keep the giant screen in the dashboard’s center safe. The screen protector sits on top of the glass and is barely noticeable. It can also be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, something you should do carefully with the original screen.

The difference between the price of a screen protector and the actual screen is enormous. Give your car’s brain the protection it deserves. On this site, you can read about screen protectors and what to look for when purchasing one.

Tesla Model center console trim

The original center console of the Tesla Model Y accessories is usually coated in a glossy lacquer. However, this makes it very obvious that it is made of plastic. For this reason, many Tesla owners choose a center console trim. This gives your console a matte and more luxurious look.

This finish is very prone to collecting dirt. Handprints are immediately visible, and fingerprints are even worse. Thanks to the coating, you can give your Tesla the desired style. Many people even cover the dashboard. Aren’t you a handyman?

Tesla Model door sill

In addition to screen protectors and console trim, many people protect their door sill chrome with a custom trim. The trims are easy to fit and protect the chrome of the door sill from scratches.

Wireless phone charger 

The following Tesla Model Y Accessories are offered by Tesla. We are talking about the “Wireless Phone Charger.” This wireless charger fits perfectly on the Model Y. The wireless phone charger allows you to charge two phones at once without cables.

In addition to that, the wireless charger is compatible with all phones that use Qi technology. All iPhones, the entire Samsung Galaxy range, the S7, and the Google Pixel 3.

Organizer for the center console 

A clean and organized console is a must-have for most Tesla drivers. Thanks to the multifunctional organizers, your console will always be tidy. We also have several dashboard organizers at your disposal. The interior of the Tesla is extremely slippery. Thanks to the organizers, everything will be on the dashboard or center console.

Luggage bars 

Are you going on vacation and need more space for your luggage? Roof bars are the first thing that will come to mind. These Tesla Model Y accessories do not go with them as standard, which is why they are so popular among accessories for Tesla models.

What is the most appreciated accessory?

An American woman implanted the RFID chip from her Tesla key into her arm. This accessory will prevent you from having to remember your keys again.

Some could choose a new car or Tesla floor mats; others could start by covering the console. Regardless of which accessory is essential to you, one thing is sure: an entire business has been built around the Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y Accessories: Battery and warranty

The range includes Long Range and Performance versions, all equipped with a 75 kWh, 350-volt battery pack. The battery warranty is eight years or 192,000 km, whichever comes first, with capacity retention of at least 70% beyond the contract period.

Naturally, the warranty also covers the repair or replacement of defective parts.

The charging system includes the additional installation of Tesla wall connectors, capable of delivering a maximum power of 7.4 kW, depending on the maximum charging speed of your residence. Using systems with higher power, up to 250 kW (such as the Supercharger V3 with CCS Combo 2), will dramatically reduce charging times.

Tesla Model Y Accessories: Motorization

Currently, all models are equipped with four-wheel drive. While the Model Y Long Range stops at 217 km/h, the Performance variant has a top speed of 250 km/h. Significant differences exist in the 0-100 sprint: 5.1 seconds for the Long Range and around 2 seconds for the Performance (3.7 s).


Tesla Model Y accessories enhance your driving experience, offering style, convenience, and protection. From floor mats to cargo organizers, these products add functionality and personalization to your vehicle. For high-quality accessories, consider GOEVPARTS.

Contact them today to elevate your Model Y.