There are many ways to measure a company’s success. Market analyses are made from various locations and use consultants, entities and experts in the field. Business success must start from the achievement of objectives. Therefore, it must be said that it is a subjective issue and that it can have different views depending on which sector analyzes a company’s situation. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘it depends on which stick you measure it with’?

In case you don’t know, a stick was used to measure length in the Iberian Peninsula. The measure was equivalent to 3 feet, but each sector of the region gave different values. So, we can assume that the success of the companies we will see below may not be such in the future, since time is a fundamental factor in determining how successful a company is.

Top 5 Most Valuable Companies According to Standard & Poor’s Financial Services

S&P, Standard & Poor’s Financial Services, is the most widely used way to measure the value of a company and the study is carried out taking into account its activity on the market. Below you will find the five most successful companies according to statistics made during 2017.

Apple – Did you have any doubt that the apple was on the list? Of course it is and it will surely continue to be part of the top companies. According to the ranking by market capitalization, the company reached 886 billion dollars.

Alphabet Inc. – It is a group of companies, among which Google is the main subsidiary. There’s not much more to say, is there?

Microsoft Corp. – It also falls under Information Technology and reached a market capitalization of USD 657 billion. Inc. – This company differs from the previous ones and is categorized under Consumer with a capitalization of 563 billion dollars.

Facebook Inc. A – With a market capitalization of 522 billion dollars, it is also part of the Information Technology group of companies.

What’s Happening in Latin America and Other Continents

The Beverage Company of the Americas, AmBev, is the first in the list of leading companies in Latin America. It is a company born from the merger between Antarctica and Brahma, and the alliance with Interbrew. Other companies based in Brazil, such as Itau Holding, Petrobras, Companhia Vale do Rio Doce and Bradesco are also part of the list.

Despite the constant variation in the market, the leading companies have permanence over time. The United States has large companies that are always at the top; however, companies in Asia are not so far behind. Some examples are Tencent from China and Samsung from South Korea.

Technology Is The Way

Without a doubt, IT companies are the most valuable and nothing is accidental. The technological boom of recent times has invaded all areas. Technology has become the main tool, both professional and personal. So much so that, if a company wants to be successful and up-to-date, it is essential to have the right technology. Only in this way can it advance and be integrated into the modern world.

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