Remains Strong: In January 2023, Android accounted for about 45 percent of the mobile OS market, while iOS accounted for around 55 percent.

iOS app development is a rapidly growing field, with millions of users relying on apps for everyday tasks. As iOS app developers, it’s essential to have the right skills to create high-quality apps that meet the user’s needs. With the constantly evolving technology landscape, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and tools. However, there are certain skills that every iOS app developer should possess to be successful in this field. 

In this article, we will discuss the five must-have skills that you should look for in an iOS app developer for your iOS app development project.

Who Is An iOS Developer?

An iOS developer is a software developer who specializes in designing and developing applications for Apple’s iOS operating system. iOS developers are responsible for creating, testing, and deploying applications that run on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. They use programming languages such as Swift and Objective-C to develop apps that provide engaging user experiences and functional features. iOS developers must stay up to date with the latest developments in Apple’s software development kits (SDKs) and programming languages to create successful iOS applications.

The Reason Behind The Hopping Demand For iOS App Developers

The demand for iOS developers has been consistently high in recent years, and it is expected to continue growing in the future. With the increasing popularity of Apple devices, there is a growing need for skilled developers who can create high-quality iOS applications.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of software developers, including iOS developers, is projected to grow 22% from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

In addition, a report from Burning Glass Technologies found that there were over 116,000 job postings for iOS developers in the United States in 2020, with an average salary of over $100,000 per year.

Overall, the demand for iOS developers is driven by the growing popularity of iOS devices, the increasing use of mobile applications, and the need for businesses to have a strong mobile presence in today’s digital landscape.

Roles & Responsibilities Of iOS App Developers

The role of an iOS developer is to create, design, and build software applications for Apple’s iOS platform. iOS developers work with a team of designers, product managers, and other developers to create mobile applications that are functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

Did You Know? Nearly two million iOS apps are available, making iOS App Developers highly sought after.

The specific responsibilities of iOS developers may vary depending on the company and project, but generally include:

  • Writing clean, maintainable, and efficient code using Apple’s latest programming language, Swift, and other tools like Objective-C and Xcode.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to create, design, and ship new features and products.
  • Participating in the iOS app development and maintenance of existing applications, including bug fixing and performance optimization.
  • Ensuring that the application meets Apple’s App Store guidelines and requirements.
  • Conducting unit and integration testing to ensure the quality of the application.
  • Staying up-to-date with new iOS features and technologies, and integrating them into the iOS app development process.
  • Providing technical support to users and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Overall, iOS developers play a crucial role in the iOS app development of mobile applications for Apple’s iOS platform and are responsible for creating high-quality software that meets the needs and expectations of users.

5 Must-Have Skills For iOS App Developers

Here are the most demanded skills of the year for iOS app developers. Take a glance.

I) Proficiency In Swift

Swift is the primary programming language used for iOS app development. Therefore, an iOS app developer must have a strong understanding of Swift to create high-quality apps. The developer must be familiar with various concepts such as data types, loops, arrays, functions, and closures. Additionally, the developer should be able to create custom functions and classes that can be reused across different parts of the application. For example, seasoned iOS app developers should be able to use Swift to create custom animations, manipulate data, and handle user interactions.

II) User Interface Design

User interface (UI) design is a critical component of iOS app development. A well-designed UI can make the app more intuitive and engaging for users. iOS app developers should be skilled in UI design, including the use of UI components, creating custom layouts, and working with various design tools. For example, the developer should be able to create custom buttons, icons, and animations that align with the app’s overall theme.

III) Knowledge Of iOS Frameworks & APIs

iOS offers many built-in frameworks and APIs that can help to streamline the iOS app development process. A good iOS app developer should have knowledge of these frameworks, such as UIKit, Core Data, and Core Animation, and be able to use them to create rich and engaging user experiences. For example, the developer should be able to use Core Data to store and manage app data, and Core Animation to create custom animations.

IV) Experience With Version Control

Version control systems such as Git are essential for managing changes to code, tracking bugs, and collaborating with other developers. iOS app developers should have experience with version control systems and be able to use them effectively. For example, the developer should be able to create new branches, merge code changes, and handle conflicts.

V) Problem-Solving Skills

As an iOS app developer, you will face many complex problems that require creative solutions. A highly proficient iOS app developer should be able to identify and solve problems quickly and effectively. This involves understanding the root cause of the problem, developing a strategy to address it, and implementing a solution. For example, the developer should be able to debug code, optimize app performance, and handle app crashes.


Being an iOS app developer requires a diverse range of skills, including expertise in Swift or Objective-C, Xcode, and other iOS app development tools, as well as strong problem-solving abilities and an eye for detail. Additionally, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry is also crucial for success. By looking for candidates with these must-have skills, you can ensure that your iOS app development team is well-equipped to build high-quality, user-friendly applications. 

If you’re looking to hire iOS Developers, consider reaching out to professional networks, using job posting sites, or working with a specialized recruitment agency to find the right candidates for your team.

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