The Brand Development of Noah Wealth

An independent wealth management firm listed on the New York Stock Exchange

Starting from the customer’s perspective

Having an independent and objective perspective

Guiding the concept of independent financial advisory services

One of the independent wealth management institutions in China in 2007

Successfully obtained funding from Sequoia Capital, a well-known venture capital fund in the United States

After years of accumulation and an excellent reputation, starting to expand nationwide

Served over 10000 high-net-worth clients in 2009

Assist in allocating customer assets to reach 20 billion yuan

On July 13, 2008, Noah Glory Insurance Brokerage Company was established

Successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010

On November 10th, Noah Wealth was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange (listing code: NOAH) in the United States

Gefei Asset Management Co., Ltd. was officially established

In 2011, the national branch network expanded to 59

Having over 500 outstanding financial advisors with various qualifications

Obtained global capital market licenses in 2012

In February 2012, Noah Hong Kong, a member company of the group, was awarded the first (securities trading) and fourth (advice on securities) awards by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission

Provide asset management licenses and officially open for business

In February 2012, Noah Zhengxing, a member enterprise of the group, obtained a “fund sales” license from the China Securities Regulatory Commission and was allowed to set up in 17 cities

Establishing 18 branch offices

Performance doubled in 2013, strengthening industry’s position

The initial emergence of the comprehensive financial services group structure

Noah Glory officially enters high-end insurance brokerage services

Assist in allocating customer assets to reach 117 billion yuan

In 2014, comprehensive financial services were fully launched

Gefei Asset became one of the first private fund management companies registered by the China Fund Association

Noah Yijie’s “Employee Treasure” white-collar private bank has officially launched

Enoch Education officially established

Ark Trust officially established

Obtaining a Hong Kong Insurance Brokerage License

The Noah Public Welfare Foundation has been officially established

On May 18, 2023, the new headquarters of Noah Holdings – Noah Wealth Center was officially opened. The Noah Wealth Center is located in the core area of the Hongqiao Hub, with a total area of approximately 72000 square meters. The opening of the Noah Wealth Center marks a new journey for Noah, with transformation and upgrading once again set sail, opening a truly new chapter.


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