A franchisor is responsible for guiding his team in the right direction and staying committed to the promises that he has made to the company. Well, if you have planned to invest in a franchise business then, you should get knowledgeable of the top responsibilities of your franchisor towards you. So that, you can make the best use of the investment. In fact, the support of an experienced person is what makes you avoid the chances of failure. If you aren’t receiving that support then, there is no benefit in investing in a franchise business. 

A franchise business model allows you to operate a part or unit of the business in a specific region under predefined terms and conditions. Moreover, get ready with us to learn the top duties of your franchisor towards you. Observe if your franchisor is willing to offer you the help mentioned in the article or not. If he is not interested in offering the help below then, you must think twice before continuing with him.

India is witnessing so many youngsters becoming a part of the franchise business that is strongly recognized. However, it is not a good idea to invest without the proper prep. Therefore, prepare yourself well to invest in the franchisor and make your dream come true. The first task that you have to do is to understand the concept of the franchise business. Then, you have to proceed with understanding the help that the franchisor will offer to you. 

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The duties of a franchisor:

Preparing the FDD

The rules and regulations are of the foremost importance when it comes to handling a business. Your franchisor’s first duty is to get you apprised of the top rules and regulations and terms and conditions to help you understand the business better. He will prepare an FDD that will illustrate these rules and regulations and provide you with this FDD 14 days before finalising the deal so that you can understand everything excellently. 

Make sure that your franchisor has provided you with the FDD. If your franchisor hasn’t offered you the FDD then, you should ask him to provide this to you. 


Before finalizing the deal, the franchisor must give clarity on every rule and the support that he will provide to you throughout the contract period. So, that you can understand the benefits of going ahead with him. Also, a franchisor should always be genuine with the franchisee when making them understand the benefits and support that he will provide you during the contract period. So that, you can make the best decision and avoid further complications that could arise due to the confusion. 

Establish the connection

The franchise unit that you own under some terms and conditions is of huge importance to the franchisor. Hence, to help you grow, he should establish a strong connection between him and his franchisees so that, quick communication can be done to avoid problems. 

He will try his best to stay connected with his team and quickly respond to your calls. 


A good franchisor will also focus on training his team of franchisees to help them grow their business unit well. He will schedule regular training sessions to help you understand things better and will always stay in touch with you. 

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So, these are the duties of a franchisor and he should stay committed to them. Along with that, you should also work hard with sheer sincerity to grow the business. Also, stay genuine to him and keep him updated on everything.